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Sunday, July 11, 2021

What is the propaganda means of one-stop service in network marketing?

What is the propaganda means of one-stop service in network marketing?

Are you asking about the publicity of the Internet company or the means of the service itself?

The first kind of words: they are generally on the Internet to find demand information, call, such as some recruitment sites, and then interview. Of course, there are also promotion channels.

The second kind of words, the so-called network marketing one-stop service is from the station to promote to the effect, they are all one-stop service.

For example, the construction of a website, payment or optimization of promotion, to consulting services, all network marketing links are included.

All kinds of resources are collected for integrated marketing instead of a single one. In other words, after finding such a carrier, there is no need to find a second one; Now many companies say that they are one-stop online marketing services, but at present, I personally think that they are basically not one-stop marketing. At most is to do SEM, that is, SEO hosting + bidding. SEO itself is a very mysterious thing, who can guarantee its quality. All companies are for the purpose of profit, the simplest, many words can be optimized, they are impossible to do in order to bid, and do not bid, many words can not go up. There are also many B2B websites that claim to be one-stop. As a result, they just want you to open a member or shop there. As a result, people are very hurt. In my opinion, to achieve one-stop, we should set up a team of three or five people and operate according to the SEM mode. But the cost is high.

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