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Monday, August 30, 2021

Amway is direct selling

Amway is direct selling ~ legal direct selling has a direct selling license issued by the state, and Amway is one of 23. In addition, on March 23, 2004, CCTV news channel financial report listed at least the following seven differences between direct selling and MLM. By comparing Amway with Amway, it is clear: 1) the company's main source of profit - legitimate direct selling: the retail performance of the overall operator; Illegal MLM: the entry fee for new members at the bottom 2) business philosophy - legitimate direct selling: providing high-quality products for a long time; Illegal pyramid selling: short-term fraud of a large amount of wealth 3) company strategy - legitimate direct selling: pay equal attention to retail and recommendation; Illegal MLM: encourage members to recommend new people 4) system characteristics - legitimate direct selling: fair, reasonable, precise and detailed, it is difficult to enjoy success; Illegal MLM: emphasize high remuneration, easy promotion and enjoy the benefits. 5) entry conditions - legitimate direct selling: no payment or only small fees and no large orders; Illegal MLM: you must pay a high membership fee or subscribe for a considerable amount of goods. 6) product return - legitimate direct selling: you can return goods without cause within a certain period of time; Illegal MLM: no return or harsh return conditions 7) price of goods - legitimate direct selling: the price of goods is reasonable and competitive in the market; Illegal MLM: the price of goods is high or the value is difficult to determine

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