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Sunday, August 29, 2021

Amway products

The reason why Amway products are favored by consumers all over the world depends on the continuous improvement of product quality by Amway R & D center. After the establishment of andaco in 2000, access business group began to be fully responsible for the company's product R & D, scientific research, packaging design and quality management. The R & D institutions are mainly located in Ada city and California, and have world-class scientific research talents and experimental equipment. In order to improve product quality, Amway spent tens of millions of dollars in the company's headquarters to build a modern research and development center. Starting from Amway's first product - Lexin multipurpose concentrated detergent (LOC), Amway's products are biodegradable and can be decomposed into carbon dioxide and water to protect rivers and lakes; In 1978, Amway Corp stopped using CFCs and converted hydrocarbons to propellants for spray products. In addition, Amway has more than 3000 hectares of farms, which use ecological methods to grow natural raw materials. In addition to the environmental protection of product ingredients, Amway also adheres to the principle of waste reduction and recycling in product packaging. For example, Amway household care products adopt concentrated formula, which can reduce packaging waste by 50% ~ 70% compared with other similar products; And clearly mark the type of resin used in plastic containers to facilitate the recovery and treatment of manufacturers; Set up a new recycling center to effectively recycle and recycle waste paper and other metal wastes. Amway has also been following the principle of energy conservation and constantly looking for new ways to achieve the best energy efficiency. In addition to reducing energy consumption in production and operation, consumers can also reduce energy consumption in use by developing new products with high energy utilization efficiency, such as detergent with good effect at low water temperature, so as to reduce the generation of greenhouse gases. At the same time, based on its love for other creatures on earth, Amway has completely stopped using animals for experiments in the research and development of personal care products since June 1989. Over the years, Amway has actively sponsored a series of environmental protection activities around the world, including the "ice up" Arctic hiking exploration program, the "Arctic hero" art exhibition, global tree planting activities, etc. Amway hopes to remind people of their responsibility to cherish resources and care for the earth, And it can set a model for environmental protection activities, let more people and enterprises participate in environmental protection, and leave a natural and clean earth for future generations. Due to its outstanding performance in environmental protection, Amway won the "environmental protection achievement award" issued by the United Nations in 1989. Amway is the second private enterprise in the world to win this award. Industry leading direct selling, as a way of commodity circulation, originated in the United States at the end of the 19th century. Usually, direct sellers provide services or sell consumer goods directly in consumers' homes, workplaces or places outside stores, and make detailed descriptions or models of products or services on the spot. Direct selling can improve the efficiency of commodity circulation and prevent the infiltration of fake goods; It is conducive to the development of small enterprises and enrich market supply; It is conducive to flexible entrepreneurship and provide employment opportunities for the society. At present, direct selling has developed in more than 170 countries and regions around the world. As of December 2004, the total turnover of the global direct selling industry has reached US $98.8 billion and nearly 55 million employees. Founded in 1978, the World Federation of direct selling associations, which includes 57 national and regional direct selling associations and the European direct selling Federation, is a spontaneous non-governmental organization representing the global direct selling industry. In the early 1940s, with the development of economy, in order to better improve the enthusiasm of direct selling personnel, direct selling companies began to allow direct selling personnel to assist in recruiting and training new personnel, and allow them not only to get remuneration from their products sold to consumers, but also to calculate remuneration according to team performance based on their labor to drive the team. This is the multi-level compensation method. At present, 80% of the member companies of the World Federation of direct selling associations adopt multi-layer compensation. Since its establishment in 1959, Amway has been operating in the form of direct selling, actively committed to improving the quality of life of consumers, and also committed to the healthy development of direct selling industry all over the world. Today, Amway has nearly 50 years of industry experience and a marketing team of more than 3 million people, which plays an important role in the world direct selling industry. As early as 1979, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recognized Amway's operation mode as the boundary for judging legal direct selling and illegal pyramid fraud. Amway executives have served as leaders of the direct selling industry for many times. The president of Amway, Dirk dirvis, is now the president of the American Direct Selling Association. The former president of the company, Mr. Dirk dirvis, is now the president of the world alliance of direct selling associations. He is constantly committed to promoting the healthy development of direct selling in the world

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