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Thursday, August 26, 2021

Do you have beers jewelry in Hong Kong?

Do you have beers jewelry in Hong Kong?

Among diamond dealers in China, DTC (Diamond Trading Company) is not a familiar name. In fact, it is not a seller facing end consumers, but the world's largest supplier of diamond blanks. It is also a professional distribution and promotion organization under De Beers Group, the world's largest diamond mining and sales enterprise. In London, DTC's most important role is to distribute drill blanks, and its customers are called "watchers". 93 watchers from all over the world go to London and Johannesburg every year to attend the 10 times a year. The watchers from China include a few jewelry manufacturers such as Chow Tai Fook and Zhou Sheng Sheng. If you are a more "professional" person, you may have a deeper understanding of the company - "diamond lasts forever, one will last forever". This global classic advertising slogan is written by the company. In 1993, DTC successfully entered China with this slogan, and after more than five years, Chinese consumers began to widely accept diamond culture, and diamond consumption has gradually become one of the habits of Chinese people when they get married. In this sense, DTC's role in China is actually a diamond marketing and promotion organization, which "holds" both ends of diamond sales together with London company. Data show that China has become the world's fifth largest diamond consumer market. Diamond consumption soared from US $230 million in 1995 to US $1.43 billion in 2005, with an annual consumption of more than 2.5 million pieces of diamond jewelry“ The eternity and promise of love "Miss Wang is preparing to get married. She has set a goal before falling in love: if she gets married in the future, her boyfriend must buy her a diamond ring as a wedding ring," preferably more than two carats ". After having a boyfriend, she continued to instill this idea into her boyfriend. Now, the two finally decided to get married, but the two carat diamond ring in the goal is too expensive, exceeding their income level. After hesitation, Miss Wang decided to "retreat and seek second place", first buy a small diamond ring instead, "and then buy two carats after saving enough money". Chinese women with the same psychology as Miss Wang have become more and more common. Diamond consumption is going deep into the hearts of every Chinese woman, especially the unmarried young women to be married. Whether they can have diamond rings has almost become a key factor in whether they agree to get married. The popularization of diamond culture in China has obviously been a great success. In the industry, many people attribute this credit to DTC. Xia siting, marketing director of Greater China of the marketing department of DTC Asia Pacific Co., Ltd., said that when DTC entered China, it decided to build diamonds into a symbol of "eternity and commitment of love" with only one meaning, while China's traditional wedding token - Gold - has many meanings, which is difficult to reflect the profound connotation of marriage between men and women. With the slogan of "diamond lasts forever, one will remain forever", DTC's market strategy was soon accepted by Chinese consumers. It is understood that DTC first made tentative marketing investment in Xiamen, Fujian, put advertisements for wedding diamond jewelry on Xiamen TV, and published public relations articles on relevant magazines and media to introduce the source and history of diamonds. It was soon accepted by those consumers with advanced consciousness. They became the first consumers to own wedding diamond rings. Professor Yang Xingxing, head of jewelry testing center of China University of Geosciences and vice president of jewelry College of China University of Geosciences (Wuhan), even believes that it is DTC's marketing means that "pries" China's diamond consumption. He said that the reason why diamonds have such promotion effect is inseparable from the strong commercial operation behind them. For example, DTC's moderate hunger method for the market, spending a lot of money on advertising every year, constantly strengthening the love symbol of "Diamond forever, one forever", etc. Xia siting said that in the more than ten years since DTC entered China, although DTC's marketing strategy in China has been adjusted, the core of "eternal love and commitment" has never changed. In fact, the strengthening of this concept is making more and more young men and women choose diamond rings as a "compulsory subject" when they get married. Some girls even said that they can get married without a wedding banquet, but they can't get married without diamond rings. At present, consumers lack the ability to distinguish diamonds, and it is too troublesome to conduct professional identification of diamonds, which virtually causes consumers to have certain psychological obstacles to diamond consumption. In order to maintain consumer confidence, DTC began to promote the eternal mark of forevermark in the world in 2004, and began its first promotion in China in Beijing and Shanghai in December 2006. In fact, the forever mark is more like an anti-counterfeiting mark. It is only marked on a single diamond weighing 0.3 carat or more and reaching a certain quality. The mark cannot be recognized by the naked eye and can be seen only with the help of a special connoisseur. According to Xia siting, the diamond with this mark represents a world-class cutting and grinding process, and is accompanied by a letter of commitment signed by the chairman of De Beers Group. The ultimate goal of marketing strategy from the development path of De Beers Group and DTC, DTC's current market strategy, in addition to the marketing promotion and consumer training in the terminal market, also has a key strategy, namely the "best supplier" strategy, whose core is to provide more added value to watchers and downstream wholesalers and retailers, Then these downstream enterprises will be closely attracted around De Beers, advance and retreat together, and enhance the influence of the whole industry. The direct result of this new strategy implemented in 2003 is that De Beers Group changed the name of the central sales organization (CSO) that has existed for more than 100 years to international diamond trading company (DTC), which means that De Beers Group began to reorganize the sales channels of the diamond industry and encourage diamond trading and agents to promote the market. It is not difficult to understand why DTC is a supplier in London, and in more places, it undertakes the work of marketing. In Xia siting's view, although they are far apart, they do not conflict“ London is one end of the pipeline, controlling supply; the terminal market is the other, controlling demand. " DTC's main task is to ensure smooth "management". Therefore, DTC will launch a new series of diamond jewelry every year. Although it dominates the whole design trend and advertising strategy, and even trade names have been registered, DTC is not a manufacturing unit and direct sales point, but completely acts in the role of guiding jewelers and promoting diamonds. Therefore, all goods can only be sold through ordinary jewelry stores. The purpose of DTC is to create a popular topic of diamond jewelry, Resulting in the flexibility of the sales market. Shi Siming, global marketing director of DTC diamond trading company, previously said in an interview with other media: "our goal is very clear, that is, to promote and increase consumers' demand for diamond accessories. Through more effective cooperation within the industry, we will jointly pursue a successful future for the development of the diamond industry, so as to create huge business opportunities for the whole diamond industry. " To this end, DTC will continue to invest US $180 million a year in diamond advertising, public relations and the promotion of international and local brands around the world, so as to help jewelers formulate effective marketing strategies, increase diamond jewelry sales and increase profits. Xia siting also made no secret of the ultimate purpose of DTC's commercial promotion - to expand the market together with jewelers. She believes that although China's diamond consumption in 2005 was only US $1.43 billion, "this is only a small figure in the world, but we expect China's diamond consumption to grow at an annual rate of 20% in the next few years." Xia siting made it clear: "I am confident that DTC's sales in China will reach double-digit growth in 2006."

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