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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

E-mail network marketing

E-mail network marketing

(1) Select an appropriate title

First of all, the subject should be clear. The design of the subject should grasp the recipient's heart and recognize your email before you are interested in opening your email. Many e-mails used to publicize enterprises do not have a clear subject. The recipient thinks it is spam at first sight, and will face the doom of deletion.

When we receive an email, we usually judge whether to open the email to view the content by looking up the email title. A good title can not only attract customers' attention, but also determine whether customers can click the key to open the email content. The email title should catch the customer's heart and make the customer can't wait to click in to see if the content has what they need.

To clarify the theme and choose an appropriate title, we can make customers interested.

(2) The content of the email should be carefully conceived

We also need to add some personalized things to the email content, such as the customer's address, position, age and other information. We can also use the email template appropriately. The illustrated email content can attract the customer's attention and improve the email response rate. In rushmail mass mailing platform, users can directly use the free template of the platform. If there are other needs, rushmail mass mailing platform also provides users with professional template customization services, and users can choose according to their needs.

(3) Send mail periodically

Research shows that it is best to send emails with the same content 2-3 times a month. Don't mistakenly think that as long as you send more and more frequently, the recipient will have a deeper liking for you. Sending too often will only disgust your users. If you don't remember how many emails you sent to the recipients in a month, the statistical report of rushmail mass mailing platform can save you this trouble.

(4) Follow up email tracking

The purpose of e-mail marketing is to promote sales and learn more about customers' acceptance of our mass e-mail, which is very necessary for follow-up tracking. Using the data statistical chart provided by rushmail mass mailing platform for users, users can view the detailed data of daily, weekly and monthly according to time. Users can also view the detailed data such as mail opening number, click number and failure data of each task, which is convenient for enterprises to analyze, so as to improve the accuracy of mail marketing.

For example, when we send an email, if we track the number of open items and clicks, we will analyze the data and consider whether the email subject and content need to be improved or optimized.

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