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Sunday, August 8, 2021

Enterprise network marketing plan:

Enterprise network marketing plan:

The enterprise network marketing plan mainly includes three parts: the evaluation of the current situation of enterprise network marketing, the proposal and solutions of the existing problems of network marketing, and considering the specific implementation plan from the overall situation.

1、 Evaluation on the current situation of enterprise network marketing

The evaluation of the current situation of enterprise network marketing includes four parts:

(1) Enterprise network environment analysis. Originally, it was intended to be an analysis of the enterprise's network competitive environment, but considering the super complexity of the network environment and the display of consumers' personalized needs through the network, I think the competition is not particularly obvious (purely personal), so it becomes an analysis of the network marketing environment. The breakthrough of network environment analysis is search engine. At present, 72.4% of China's 210 million Internet users use search engines, and it is said that 91% of them use search engines in the United States. This shows the importance of search engines in network applications. Of course, the most important thing is the analysis of network marketing environment. It is most convenient and effective to start with search engine.

At the beginning of the analysis, the first thing to determine is the industry and products of the enterprise, so as to determine several main keywords. I personally believe that industry general words, product category words, high-tech or public recognized product (service) words have brand effect on the search engine. It is generally believed that the enterprises or products at the top of the search list of such words are of high quality and high popularity. In short, they will be associated with some good evaluations. Of course, the purpose of determining the above three types of keywords here is to find the main "competitors" of the enterprise for analysis and reference evaluation.

Once the competitor is found, the formal analysis begins.

1. Through the keyword tools of Google AdWords, baidu related keyword tools and Yahoo vane, find and compare the keywords belonging to all enterprises including competitors through the above keywords (sorted in the above tools), which is the search volume in each search engine, It also reflects the brand awareness and promotion of the enterprise to a certain extent.

2. Through the above found enterprise keywords, further find the relevant keywords of enterprise keywords, and list them one by one. These keywords are listed by the search engine only after the search volume reaches a certain amount. The comparison of these words can understand the coverage of enterprise brands and products in the search engine, and of course, find the gap.

3. Check the top items in the search list through the above words (words with brand effect and enterprise related keywords), and find news articles to understand the enterprise network public relations, including competitors, and make a comparison,

Note: in the daily work of enterprise e-marketing, we should often search through the above words to understand our competitors and, of course, ourselves.

4. Through the understanding of the above search and the understanding of the bank's online marketing, this paper evaluates the main online promotion means (advertising channels) in this industry, on the one hand, confirms the application of these promotion means by competitors, and on the other hand, compares them with our application. In fact, this is mainly to determine whether the competitors use these promotion means, because there is no specific data of the competitors, so it is impossible to compare. Of course, if the enterprise has also made corresponding promotion, it can be understood through the channel providers. As for the credibility, it is hard to say. At this point, it should be noted that competitors are useless, but the promotion means we use should carry forward and summarize those with good effect, and those with poor effect and high cost can be abandoned.

(2) Enterprise website analysis and evaluation. Enterprise website plays a very important role in enterprise network marketing. Personally, I think enterprise network is the basis of network marketing. Of course, we can still do network marketing without enterprise websites. We can use other websites, such as e-commerce website Alibaba, and some effective industry portals or e-commerce websites. Even if we have our own enterprise websites, we still need to use other websites. Of course, the degree of utilization is completely different according to different effects.

The data source of enterprise website analysis is mainly website traffic statistics. I personally like Google Analytics and 51yes, and prefer the former. There are also third-party data sources, such as Alexa and the domestic website The third-party data is public, and to obtain relatively detailed data, the website needs to be within 100000 in Alexa and within 10000 in domestic websites. Third party data is mainly used to compare with competitors and find the gap. Google Analytics has a good function: "visitors > benchmarking" can compare and evaluate websites in the industry. I prefer it.

A very important part of enterprise website analysis is the analysis of the source of enterprise website traffic. Generally speaking, the website traffic source mainly includes three parts: direct website input and collection, search engine recommendation (including natural crawl ranking and search engine keyword advertising), and website promotion traffic.

There are many indicators to pay special attention to in website evaluation: unique identity page views (PV / IP) and page bounce rate. Of course, other data on the page is also very important, which needs to be considered as a whole. PV / IP reflects the quality of the website - useful and attractive to users. The page bounce rate reflects the attraction of the website page to users. If this page is the landing page of network promotion, we should pay more attention to it. Oh, be sure to pay attention to the trend of all data curves, so as to judge whether the website traffic is rising or falling, the curve trend of website traffic source and the unique identity browsing trend chart. From these, try to find the reason for this trend.

Detailed website analysis and traffic source analysis will not be written, and specific problems need to be treated specifically.

(3) Search engine optimization (SEO) analysis. Search a large area on the Internet. I won't elaborate here. By the way, the two parts of synthesis (II) and (III) are website optimization analysis. My personal website optimization for enterprises should integrate the above two aspects and the website customer transformation analysis to be written below.

(4) Website customer conversion rate analysis. In e-commerce websites, it should be called sales conversion rate, but the most common enterprise websites are to obtain potential customer information, get sales leads, and then complete the final sales by offline means. But before that, we must first determine one thing, that is, the goal of the website. As the basis of enterprise network marketing, enterprise website has its specific objectives and corresponding functions at the beginning of construction, so as to cooperate with the ultimate goal of enterprise network marketing. For example, the website of my investment promotion and franchise enterprise is a single project construction website. The goal of this website is to collect sales leads and customer information, and the other is brand promotion. Brand promotion cannot be calculated, but customer information collection is quantitative. The calculation formula of customer conversion rate of enterprise website is customer information / IP (1-jump rate) * 100% = website customer conversion rate.

The above website customer conversion rate formula subtracts the amount of IP that jumps out after browsing only one page, because I personally think these visitors can not be regarded as "prospective customers" of the enterprise, so it is impossible to convert. Of course, if the jump out rate is high, we should find the reason from the network itself, or even from the enterprise marketing strategy. The high jump out rate of website pages means that the web content is not needed by visitors, so we should analyze the source of visitors. If it is a search engine, we should analyze the source search keywords and investigate the motivation of visitors to use keywords; If it is a link advertisement from the amount of the website, we should check whether our advertising content is completely consistent with the web content, and whether the prominent content in the advertisement is displayed in a prominent position on the web page. Of course, the user experience of the page itself is also a very important factor to be considered. In short, we should find the reasons for the high jump rate and how much we can find. Oh, it suddenly occurred to me that someone might ask that there are so many pages in a website. The analysis workload is too heavy - a friend of mine asked me that. Ha ha, in fact, there is no need to worry. Only some advertising landing pages need to be analyzed. I don't think there will be too many advertising landing pages for visitors on a website. At most, it is a landing page for an advertisement, which is better for specific analysis.

Customer transformation analysis needs to fully rely on the function of traffic statistics. I use Google Analytics very well, which can basically meet the needs.

To sum up, through the analysis of the enterprise network environment and the comprehensive analysis of the enterprise website, we can find many good places and many bad places, as well as the gap with the competitive enterprises. Especially through website, search engine and website transformation analysis, we can comprehensively evaluate the website and guide the enterprise website optimization.

2、 Find out the existing problems and solutions of enterprise network marketing

With the comprehensive analysis of the first part above, we can easily put forward the existing problems and solutions of network marketing. In fact, this part focuses on the use of network marketing resources. There are many network marketing resources, but they can be divided into two categories anyway, advertising and public relations. Of course, it's not necessary to be so specific and clear. It's just a directional guidance. After determining the existing problems, we will consider the scheme of network marketing in the next step, and treat the specific payment request specifically. It may be based on network public relations in one stage and promoted by network advertising in the other stage. Consider the future of enterprise network marketing and try some new network marketing methods.

In this part, we should try our best to predict the future effect of various network promotion means, so that on the one hand, we can customize specific objectives for enterprise network marketing, on the other hand, we can persuade the boss to make a decision. To make expectations, we need to rely on reliable data, and the sources of these data are different, which will not be mentioned here. From the perspective of network marketing function (which can also be said to be an implementation step), the first problem to be solved in this part is to optimize the website according to the analysis in the first part. It is a long way to optimize the website, and in addition to modifying the original page of the website, in order to meet the network marketing objectives, it is necessary to add Web content, or to do some current affairs (social, enterprise, in short, consider the special page of hot keywords that can get close to the enterprise and bring effective traffic to the enterprise), etc. This enterprise website optimization scheme needs to be continuously supplemented and improved. The other part is to determine the channels for enterprises to obtain effective traffic through the analysis of the first part. If the ranking of popular keywords in website optimization is a variable, the "acquisition channel of effective traffic" here is a constant. It is the daily work of online marketing, that is, online advertising. For example, Baidu's bidding search element, Google's Adwords, Yahoo search bidding and other search engine advertisements, and joint exhibition advertisements for investment promotion and joining, which are the most effective online advertisements in my business search and joining industry. Of course, many other advertising resources are also very good.

With a website in line with the purpose of enterprise marketing and the guarantee of traffic, the function of network marketing has been completed by 2 / 3. Next, we should consider network public relations. Blogs and community forums are the least direct spending of enterprise money. Several popular words now include blog marketing and word-of-mouth marketing, which can be realized in blogs and forums, However, it takes a lot of staff energy to do it and has a certain effect. This can also bring traffic, but I personally think the quality of traffic is not very high. Generally, small businesses can do this. Of course, they can also publish soft articles through some news websites or channels. Of course, this is not the case for large enterprises to do public relations.

3、 Implementation plan of enterprise network marketing in the next stage

In the last part, it determines the direction of enterprise network marketing (public relations or advertising) in the next stage, and determines the network marketing resources, that is, those network promotion methods. Use the focus and production of print advertising content, as well as print advertising schedule and budget; The theme of publishing soft articles is the requirements, as well as the selection of publishing websites. There are also some implementation of online marketing activities, such as online promotion, cooperation with some websites, etc. in short, this part mainly includes the specific implementation projects (online promotion methods), principals, scheduling, budget, evaluation methods, etc. The specific plan and scheme for the implementation of the specific project should be written by the specific person in charge. Finally, combined with this marketing scheme, it is a complete network marketing scheme.

The second part is traffic acquisition and public relations: the acquisition of effective traffic (advertising promotion) or network public relations means have different emphases in the specific marketing stage, but they complement each other. Although the specific implementation plan may be written separately by the specific person in charge, the general policy of network marketing has been determined and the focus has been determined. If public relations is the focus, the traffic acquisition scheme should cater to the network public relations scheme accordingly. On the contrary, the public relations scheme caters to traffic acquisition. There is still a combination, that is, go hand in hand, but we should know that the resources for network marketing are limited, especially the capital budget and manpower. So going hand in hand is not a good combination.

Oh, the second part also mentioned the implementation scheme of enterprise website optimization. I personally think it should also appear in this part. The person who wrote this plan, as the general person in charge of enterprise network marketing, integrates all enterprise network marketing resources, so website optimization needs to be grasped by Austrian network marketing director from the overall situation, so as to finally meet the needs of enterprise network marketing.

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