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Thursday, August 5, 2021

Internet marketing methods

Internet marketing methods

(1) Online Market Research

It mainly uses the interactive information communication channel of Internet to implement the investigation activities. It includes direct online survey through questionnaire, and can also collect some second-hand data needed in market survey through the network. The use of online survey tools can improve the survey efficiency and strengthen the survey effect. As an information exchange channel, the Internet has become an ocean of information due to its wide range of information release sources and rapid dissemination. Therefore, when using the Internet for market survey, the focus is how to use effective tools and means to carry out survey and collect and sort out data, The key is how to obtain the desired information and analyze the useful information in the information ocean.


(2) Online consumer behavior analysis

As a special group, Internet users have very different characteristics from traditional market groups. Therefore, in order to carry out effective network marketing activities, we must deeply understand the demand characteristics, purchase motivation and purchase behavior mode of online user groups. As an information communication tool, Internet is becoming the carrier of many groups of software and remote services with similar interests and hobbies, which has changed the marketing strategy of traditional products, especially the choice of channels. As online product and service marketing, we must reconsider the traditional product strategy of product design, development, packaging and brand in combination with the characteristics of the network.

(5) Online price marketing strategy

As a tool of information exchange and dissemination, the network has implemented the strategy of freedom, equality and free information since its birth. Therefore, when formulating online price marketing strategy, we must consider the impact of Internet on Enterprise Pricing and the unique free thought of Internet itself.

(6) Online channel selection and direct selling

The biggest impact of Internet on enterprise marketing is the impact on enterprise marketing channels. With the help of the direct characteristics of the Internet, Dell's online direct sales model has achieved great success, changed the multi-level selection, management and control problems in the traditional channels, and minimized the cost in the marketing channels. However, when building their own online direct sales channels, enterprises must consider the reconstruction of the corresponding operation and management mode.

(7) Online promotion and online advertising

As a two-way communication channel, the biggest advantage of the Internet is that it can break through the time and space constraints and communicate directly, which is simple, efficient and low cost. Therefore, online promotion is the most effective communication channel, but online promotion must follow some online information exchange and communication rules, especially the etiquette of some virtual communities. As the most important promotion tool, online advertising mainly depends on the function of the fourth media of the Internet. At present, online advertising, as an emerging industry, has developed rapidly. As an advertisement published in the fourth type of media, online advertising has incomparable advantages over traditional media such as newspapers and magazines, wireless radio and television, that is, online advertising is interactive and direct.

Synonyms of the concept of network marketing include: online marketing, Internet marketing, online marketing, online marketing, etc. These words all have the same meaning. Generally speaking, network marketing is a marketing activity carried out by taking the Internet as the main means. Network marketing has strong practical characteristics. From practice, we find the general methods and laws of network marketing

E-mail marketing can be used. The number of mass e-mails is very large and the cost is very low. It is the network marketing with the lowest cost performance.

The two wing mass mail sending software can send 10000 messages a day. Moreover, it simulates manual one-to-one sending, and there is a special "macro" that can make the mail more personalized.

1. Each email is different. 2. Send at a low speed and control the sending volume. 3. Resend at breakpoints. 4. Send in multiple mailboxes. 5. Automatically change IP

6. Email address management 7. Reply to the specified email. The software does a lot of functions and supports 7-day unconditional refund

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