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Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Is interpersonal network marketing a national behavior? What are the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing? Is it MLM?

Is interpersonal network marketing a national behavior? What are the advantages and disadvantages of network marketing? Is it MLM?

Generally speaking, what the lecturers say is all positive remarks of the industry, not a negative word. They don't mention the word risk. Why? Because newcomers generally retreat when they hear the risks and difficulties of the industry. Therefore, after hearing their endless speeches, new people will be full of fantasies about this industry. It seems that they have smelled the smell of this huge pie, so they invested in it before going back for fear of missing a good opportunity. Here, as a participant in the whole process, I want to pour cold water on the enthusiastic young people, especially the young people who are returning from the investigation in other places. I hope the new people will comprehensively and objectively analyze the industry and then make the right choice. Let's take a look at some negative things that our remote lecturers have not mentioned: first, we need more funds. Whether it's from the South or the north, the general investment can't return to the capital without development. People with strong ability need to develop in the network for more than a year. People with poor ability may not succeed in staying in the network for three or five years. For such a long time, the operating capital is no less than the investment money, not a small amount, Many people in the industry can only go out to work to earn some money or simply leave with hatred because they have no money to live behind. Second, the mental pressure is too great. Most people in the industry are under great pressure, which mainly comes from the slow development and no benefits for a long time; All the investments of relatives and friends in the team add up to a huge amount. If the team collapses for some reason, it will lose more; There are also some people in the team who have a bad attitude and always like to complain, which affects everyone's mood; In addition, this industry is too mysterious. Countless newcomers who don't know the truth are always asking about everyone's psychology. Most people seem agitated, are on the edge of collapse, and are suffering every day. Third, the industry is full of lies. Those engaged in interpersonal networks must first invite the development objects to different places with lies, and the invited are generally their closest relatives and best friends. These feelings have been cultivated for many years. Of course, if the cooperation is happy, it is best. If the cooperation fails, it is easy to lose family affection, friendship and love, So many years of contacts and reputation may be destroyed. At the same time, the previous level is always hiding the true face of the industry with lies to the next level. Therefore, the interpersonal network marketing department is a national behavior. The advantage is that it uses the direct sales model. The disadvantage is that it damages the interests of the people. It's a pleasure to share industry experience with you

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