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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Long term network marketing plan and website promotion?

Long term network marketing plan and website promotion?

I am an e-commerce specialist of Zhengye company, responsible for network promotion. I know this is a very long-term and great project. But what aspects of promotion are there in addition to search engine marketing? More importantly, how to make the long-term planning of enterprise network marketing?

With the advent of the era of network marketing, more and more enterprises are involved in the ranks of network marketing. Today, with the rapid development of Internet application, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are trying to provide network marketing services such as website construction, website promotion and search engine promotion. Although small and medium-sized enterprises have been online for seven or eight years, it is regrettable that there are few successful cases that can create benefits for enterprises through network marketing services.

At present, the network marketing services of domestic small and medium-sized enterprises basically come from network companies, including domain name registration, virtual host, website construction and website promotion, which are packaged services provided by network companies. Although network companies have promoted the development of domestic network marketing market to a great extent, this has only promoted the development of network companies and advertising service providers, The development of small and medium-sized enterprises has not changed much. The reason is very simple. Now network companies and advertising service providers do not understand the real needs of traditional small and medium-sized enterprises. They will not consider whether the services provided can bring benefits to SMEs. For example, all kinds of online advertising, competitive ranking, network real name and general web site in the market are very hot, and the effect is how good. In fact, everyone does not really realize that if these products can bring results to the enterprise, the premise is that they must meet the use habits of potential users faced by the enterprise. In fact, the services launched by Internet companies and advertising service providers are only limited to enterprises. This has become an interactive product between network companies and enterprises. Enterprises spend money and network companies make money.

For a time, many enterprise websites have sprung up. Every enterprise thinks that as long as it builds a website and takes the lead in the competitive ranking of search engines, and has high website traffic, a large number of customers will come to the door. In fact, a basic situation of network marketing is that more than 95% of visitors do not take the initiative to contact the enterprise after browsing the website. In other words, enterprises with websites are losing 95% of network business opportunities every day. How can they retain more customers?

When implementing network marketing, many enterprises invest a lot in the competitive ranking of search engines and pay attention to the traffic of websites. However, the increase of website traffic is not the goal, but the goal of network marketing is to obtain more potential customers. With this business goal, the enterprise's website construction will have goals and strategies, and it is possible to have more requirements for the website structure and functions. Otherwise, it is just a "Brief" website, the website content can not meet the needs of customers, and the website traffic is no matter how high, It can't retain customers, let alone obtain customer information. It is not difficult to see that the website supporting network marketing needs to have marketing function, that is, the front desk of the website needs to effectively match the target market, business strategy and marketing process of the enterprise, and move the marketing information originally transmitted by personnel to the website, so as to improve the transmission scope and efficiency; The background of the website can manage customers and content, manage customer status, and provide differentiated content for different customers, which will greatly improve marketing efficiency.

Interaction is the most important part of marketing. When website visitors browse the enterprise website, the website needs to provide more means to support "interaction". Telephone is only a way. The website needs to display "contact phone" in an eye-catching position. Customer phone is the most valuable, but the number is very limited, and it is very difficult to improve; Instant messaging will be a good way. When browsing the website, if you need to know more information, instant messaging will promote communication. More importantly, enterprises can take the initiative to contact every customer browsing the website, which is becoming the main means of network marketing; The real advantage of the Internet is the real-time query database, and the interaction around this database, such as the interaction between consumers and between consumers and dealers, which is the real advantage of the Internet. That is, in the network marketing activities, the information communication mode has changed from one-way to two-way, and consumers play a leading role in the network marketing. In the network environment, the dissemination of information is no longer the one-way communication mode in the past, but has changed into a "push-pull" interactive mode in which enterprises publish information on the network and consumers actively choose information on the Internet. Consumers have greater freedom of choice than ever before. They can choose products that can meet their preferences all over the world through the Internet, and can complete transactions directly through the Internet. So, how to do well the interaction between consumers and between consumers and dealers is the core: enterprise network marketing, interaction is the key! Therefore, choosing a good interactive marketing software system can not only create maximum direct value for the enterprise, but also effectively improve the brand image of the enterprise! The enterprise website has a set of practical online customer service system, just like finding a handy business secretary. However, throughout the current market, homogeneous line customer service systems can be found everywhere, but there are few instant messaging systems that enable enterprises to customize and personalize according to their own needs.

At present, most software providers are still using the traditional development concept to develop enterprise instant messaging software. They often develop products from the perspective of their own interests, which leads to a pair of difficult contradictions between technology and demand: on the one hand, they try to use one software to meet the needs of all enterprises, but at the same time, the product developed under this traditional concept will inevitably become an inefficient product that can not be completely suitable for all enterprises. There is no doubt that the enterprise instant messaging market is still in the initial stage of development, and there are few real leaders in this market. QQ, MSN and other instant messaging are oriented to the whole society, which will bring people irrelevant to work into the office, thus affecting work efficiency; And customer instant messaging is to introduce people related to work into the computer, so as to improve work efficiency. " The reason is very simple. The enterprise real-time system can not only display various operation processes inside and outside the company on the computer, but also improve work efficiency and simplify business processes. Taking the online customer service system (www.kehu. Com. CN) as an example, its functions such as point-to-point, point-to-multipoint, multipoint to multipoint mass messaging, file transmission, file sharing, whiteboard communication, collaborative browsing, online payment, data statistics, sending mobile phone SMS, etc. can completely help enterprises reduce internal and external transaction costs and improve work efficiency“ So that users can easily obtain valuable information and services is the essence of network marketing ".

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