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Thursday, August 26, 2021



1. Personnel promotion 2. Packaging 3. Distribution channel refers to the transfer of certain products and services from producers

All enterprises and individuals who acquire the ownership of such products and services or help in the transfer of ownership to consumers. Therefore, distribution channels include merchant middlemen (because they obtain ownership) and agent middlemen (because they help transfer ownership), as well as producers and end consumers or users at the beginning and end of the channel. However, it does not include suppliers and auxiliary suppliers. Business promotion is a promotion method suitable for short-term promotion. It is the general name of all enterprise marketing activities adopted by enterprises to encourage the purchase and sale of goods and services, except advertising, public relations and personnel promotion. Promotion means that enterprises use various effective methods and means to make consumers understand and pay attention to their products, stimulate consumers' purchase desire, and promote them to realize the final purchase behavior. Constraints on the application of marketing combination strategy (I) when using the combination of marketing factors, the enterprise marketing strategy should first select the most favorable target market through market analysis, determine the target market and market development strategy, and then comprehensively apply the combination strategy of marketing factors( 2) Enterprise marketing environment enterprises face different difficulties and environments in marketing factor combination activities. Since the 1970s, governments around the world have strengthened their intervention in the economy. The macro environment has an increasing impact on the marketing activities of enterprises, sometimes playing a direct restrictive role. When choosing the marketing mix, enterprises should regard the environment as a main element, always pay attention to the research and analysis of various factors of the macro environment, and make the necessary response to these uncontrollable factors( 3) The characteristics of the target market and the needs of the target market determine the nature of the marketing mix. To plan a reasonable marketing mix, enterprises must first analyze the conditions of all aspects of the target market. According to the following three conditions of the target market, we can analyze their impact on each basic strategy, so as to judge which marketing combination is more feasible, attractive and profitable. First, the situation of consumers in the target market. Second, the willingness of consumers in the target market to buy goods. Third, the competition in the target market( 4) Enterprise resource situation enterprise resource situation includes enterprise public image, employee skills, enterprise management level, raw material reserves, material and technical facilities, patents, sales network, financial strength, etc. This determines that the selection of appropriate marketing mix must be consistent with the actual situation of the enterprise. Enterprises cannot exceed their actual ability to meet the needs of all consumers and users.

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