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Saturday, August 21, 2021

On how to make enterprise network marketing more effective

On how to make enterprise network marketing more effective

Catering enterprises are all over the streets and alleys, and there are various catering methods. The operation mechanism is relatively flexible, the price is endless, and the personalized characteristics are very rich. And e-commerce is a flexible customization and personalized service generation method. The ingenious integration of catering industry and e-commerce will become the second largest market of catering industry. If the catering industry wants to carry out e-marketing through e-commerce, it must pay attention to the following points: 1) clear positioning: the construction of catering website is clear positioning first. What is the purpose of the website? Is it to highlight the enterprise itself? Dish features? Or book system functions? 2) Personalized service: personalized service is a bright spot different from other peers. For example, the catering industry can cooperate with banks, innovative organizations and trust companies to accept credit card payments in online stores. 3) Featured service: featured service is the most effective way to attract repeat customers. For example, Valentine's day, Christmas and store anniversary and other festivals continue to launch free gift services and invite users in the form of e-mail. With the increasing number of Internet users, catering network marketing has already become a highlight of catering marketing. However, in the face of the universality of network marketing, how can the catering industry select its own marketing methods? Bing Rui believes that using the following ways to form a network marketing combination can make network marketing more effective for the catering industry: Method 1: experiential marketing experiential marketing is a new marketing method, which mainly provides users with personal experience to achieve certain marketing results, which not only speeds up the sales of products, Moreover, it is more conducive to obtain good user reputation and establish the image of catering enterprises. Its characteristics are as follows: 1) Customization: comprehensively consider the problems from the perspective of consumer experience to examine the products and services provided by catering enterprises, so as to meet the personalized and entertainment needs of consumers; 2) Creativity: experiential marketing is created by people, and is generally displayed in the form of interaction. And all services are planned, implemented and controlled around a specific theme. 3) Diversity: there are many kinds of experiential marketing methods and tools. Constantly pushing through the old and bringing forth the new is what the catering industry needs to develop, and unique experiential marketing activities will attract more consumers. Mode 2: word of mouth marketing word of mouth marketing is based on the enterprise brand. A loud brand will get a better word of mouth and be widely spread by consumers. How can the catering industry get a better reputation? Xieri believes that: 1) maintain the relationship with the customer group: the best information disseminator in the catering industry is the most loyal customer group who can establish a long-term good relationship with the catering industry. The catering industry can provide certain characteristic services for this group. For example, when exiting the new lottery or service means, take the initiative to send e-mail to this group of users, so that they can take the lead in the new service characteristics in the brand store, so as to stimulate the dissemination of word-of-mouth information. 2) Establish business philosophy: the catering industry establishes the business philosophy of word-of-mouth marketing, which will establish a corporate brand for catering enterprises and improve the image of enterprises. The establishment of word-of-mouth marketing is to attract people's attention and obtain the recognition of consumers. For example, "Wang Laoji's 100 million yuan donation" is an effective way to establish public praise. Not only establish the enterprise's own image, but also obtain the reputation of consumers. Naturally, the reputation of enterprises will be spread by consumers. Method 3: interactive marketing interactive marketing is the most effective way to obtain a good user experience, and it is also the best means for the publicity of catering industry websites, which is unmatched by any media. The catering industry website can carry out some interactive activities and festival consumption on holidays in the form of registered users. And you can also collect food on the Internet and hold some cooking competitions, so as to achieve a certain publicity role. Mode 4: microblog marketing the popularity of microblog marketing is obvious to all. All walks of life began to carry out certain marketing activities and publicity with the help of microblog, and the catering industry is no exception“ "Haidilao" is one of the representatives of successful microblog marketing. A "Haidilao" actually moved a crib to sleep for his son. Pay attention to the price. It's a crib! I completely collapsed“ The microblog is widely broadcast on the Internet. "Haidilao", which is very popular on the Internet, has become the object of wide dissemination and a well-known hot pot catering brand.

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