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Monday, August 23, 2021

What is marketing

What is marketing

Some people have a one-sided understanding of this problem and equate marketing with sales promotion. However, sales promotion is not marketing, sales promotion is only one of the contents of marketing. Peter Drucker, a famous management scientist, once pointed out, "it is conceivable that some marketing work is always needed, but the purpose of marketing is to make marketing redundant. The purpose of marketing is to deeply understand and understand customers, so as to make products or services fully meet their needs and form product self-sales, Ideal marketing will produce a customer who is ready to buy, and the rest is how to facilitate customers to get products or services... "Philip causler, an American Marketing Authority, believes that" the most important content of marketing is not marketing, marketing is just the top of the marketing iceberg... If marketers understand the various needs of consumers and develop suitable products, And pricing, distribution and promotion are well done. These products will be sold easily. " As a famous scholar said, marketing is not selling. Marketing began long before the product was made. The enterprise marketing department should first determine the market, the market scale, the market segments, and the consumer preferences and purchase habits: the marketing department must feed back the market demand to the research and development department, so that the research and development department can design the best possible products suitable for the target market. The marketing department must also design pricing, distribution and promotion plans for products to go to the market, so that consumers can understand the enterprise's products and get to the products conveniently. After the products are sold, we should also consider providing necessary services to satisfy consumers. Therefore, marketing is not an aspect of enterprise business activities. It starts before product production and continues until the product is sold, running through the whole process of enterprise business activities. Many definitions of marketing will help us understand marketing. The American Marketing Association defines marketing as: "marketing is an enterprise activity that guides goods and services from producers to consumers or users." The British marketing society believes that "if an enterprise wants to survive, develop and make profits, it must consciously arrange production according to the needs of users and consumers." Japanese business people believe that "on the basis of meeting the interests of consumers, the whole enterprise activity of studying how to meet the market demand and provide goods and services is marketing. Although the above definitions of marketing are different, the following points can be summarized from these definitions: (1) marketing is a comprehensive operation and management process, which runs through the whole process of enterprise business activities( 2) Marketing is to meet customer needs as the center to organize enterprise business activities, and achieve the goal of enterprise profit and development by meeting needs( 3) Marketing adapts and influences the demand by means of integrated management. To sum up, we can make such a summary of marketing. Marketing is a process in which enterprises take customer needs as the starting point, organize various business activities in a planned way, and provide customers with satisfactory goods and services to achieve enterprise objectives.

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