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Sunday, August 15, 2021

What is SEO Optimization:

What is SEO Optimization:

"SEO" is also called "SEO optimization" or "search engine optimization". It mainly uses rules similar to Baidu search engine to rank the top of relevant information. For example, optimize the website, news information and Q & A. Now we talk about SEO optimization, which basically means optimizing in Baidu search engine.

What knowledge does SEO optimization need to master:

We need to master more knowledge. First, we should master the relevant rules of search engines (such as Baidu), such as information side rules, web side rules, know side rules, etc. And also understand some basic knowledge: website weight, internal chain, high-quality external chain, etc. If we want to optimize the official website, we should also have a basic understanding of the originality of the website code, the keywords of the website, the description information and the ALT of the website pictures. Of course, we will encounter many problems in actual optimization, and we need to use them flexibly.

Which company does SEO optimization seek to cooperate with:

Now many network marketing companies have optimized services. Of course, the optimization ability is different, so the price is also different. But we should know that in the "optimization" industry, there are "white hat" and "black hat" methods“ "White hat" is a formal optimization and receives the preferences of search engines; The "black hat" optimization is hit by the search engine. In serious cases, it will be directly attacked by the search engine K. So we'd better master some SEO technologies and skills so that we won't be cheated in cooperation.

What are the ways of SEO learning:

If you want to learn SEO, you can learn according to the professional SEO teaching website, or sign up for relevant training courses or courses, using online and offline learning. Of course, you can also directly refer to the contents of the document "in-depth decryption of network marketing promotion technology and skills" written by "Internet technologist" of "decrypting network marketing like secret magic". In short, there are still many ways and means of learning. In general, it is not difficult for a newcomer to learn SEO well.

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