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Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Ask for a composition on the view of enterprise marketing culture

Ask for a composition on the view of enterprise marketing culture

 let me answer and share the report

Under the condition of modern market economy, the importance of corporate culture and corporate board is self-evident. Hu Ping, director of the Research Institute of Chinese corporate culture, said that behind the market economy, there is an invisible hand, which is the law of economy; At the same time, there is another invisible hand, which is corporate culture. Therefore, whoever has an excellent corporate culture can be invincible. Ma Yinglong is a time-honored Chinese enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Commerce. It was founded in 1582. After years of sustained, rapid and healthy development, Ma Yinglong has become a pharmaceutical listed company with "industrialization and internationalization" in the fields of promoting drug plate manufacturing, drug plate R & D, drug plate retail, Liansuo medical Ruan and so on. After more than 400 years of wind and rain, Ma Yinglong board has continued to grow, showing strong vitality, which is inseparable from the accumulation and formation of Ma Yinglong's characteristic corporate culture. Dragon horse spirit - the enterprise spirit most suitable for Ma Yinglong people. As the saying goes, what is suitable is the best. In the long-term construction of corporate culture, Ma Yinglong first accumulated a strong and dynamic corporate spirit: Longma spirit. The "horse" of the husband, galloping and winding in the pool, moving like the wind, kneading smoothly and diligent Lao, and rubber sign, belongs to the Kun divination, and its cultural connotation is "the potential Kun, and a gentleman is like a plant of virtue". Stubble Ma Yinglong, then Ma Zhide fan always has the word "true and diligent", which means "like true cultivation of mind and diligent cultivation of achievement." The "dragon" man, who passes through the sky and dives into the water, shows Cistanche clouds and rubber signs the sky. He belongs to the qiangua. His cultural connotation is "heaven is healthy, and a gentleman is like us". After Ma Yinglong, the spirit of the dragon is embodied in the cosmology of the unity of heaven and man, the mutual subject view of benevolence and love, the development view of the intersection of yin and Yang and the cultural view of both Rong and Rong. Husband "should" means "echo", which corresponds with the same voice and the same gas phase ball. The stubble of Ma Yinglong is a horse, the lower one is a horse, the Confucianism bows to practice, the metaphysical one is a dragon, and the Confucianism is like a ball. Ma Yinglong's enterprise spirit is that the morality of chasing the ball and the spirit of the Dragon echo each other, the behavior and concept of chasing the ball are unified, the pragmatism of chasing the ball and the market are unified, the relationship between heaven and man is harmonious, and the interpersonal relationship is harmonious. The posthumous title of social effect and the posthumous title of social effect -- the synergy between the high altitude and the plane. The posthumous title of social effect and the posthumous title of social effect are the unity of identification. Chen Ping, chairman of Ma Yinglong, believes that Ma Yinglong is an aggregate of Duoyuan pear posthumous title. The simple pursuit of the ball maximizes the posthumous title of pear, and Rongyang makes the company's corporate culture go to the extreme. Therefore, Ma Yinglong adheres to the business tenet of "creating health for customers, wealth for shareholders, opportunities for employees and efficiency for society", and advocates that all kinds of pear posthumous main woks can be sustainable, fair and maximized through Ma Yinglong's business activities, Cistanche Bama Yinglong, a board and card planting body, has been built into a stable platform for the relationship between the posthumous subjects of various pears, so as to realize the balance of posthumous subjects of doyuan pears. Ma Yinglong put the social effect posthumous title as important as the economic effect posthumous title. When the economic effect posthumous title is finished, Ma Yinglong advocates the realization of social effect posthumous title by manual forging, and actively performs the responsibilities of corporate social citizens. 1. Established a long-term mechanism for socialization - Ma Yinglong Cishan fund. In order to ensure the normal development of Cishan activities in terms of funds, Ma Yinglong established Cishan fund and defined the fund management organization, source channel, purpose, account protection management, etc. The initial capital of Ma Yinglong Cishan fund is about 5 million yuan, which mainly comes to our company to win political awards, administrative contributions, employee donations and other honors such as "China pool name trademark". The first phase of "Ma Yinglong scholarship" was set up in Wuhan University in September 2007 with an amount of 500000 yuan. Twenty poor college students of Wuhan University became the first recipients of assistance. Mei people not only received 3500 yuan in cash, but also organically received work study programs, holiday internships, teaching topic research funding, entrusted training machines, etc. provided by Ma yinglongti. 2. Chongfen gives full play to Pingtai attack energy and integrates social resources. Xunzi said: "no step, no pole, no flow, no river". Ma Yinglong Cishan foundation has built a better platform for integrating resources, and the stubble coal plays an important role in gathering seconds into duo and accumulating energy into rivers and seas. With the help of the platform of Ma Yinglong Cishan fund, employees can offer their love to the difficult groups in the society. In addition, Ma Yinglong implemented comprehensive budget management on the material business of Cishan fund. The company transferred the enterprise funds into the account protection of Cishan fund according to a fixed proportion in meinian, and enriched the fund to ensure the sustainable source of Cishan funds. 3. Concentrate limited resources to realize the allocation of filling Fen. It seems that since the reform and opening up, with the rapid development of the block, the society has made all-round progress, and the people's living water level has been rising. Due to various reasons such as the internal type of the system, uneven development, natural and man-made disasters, it can not be denied that there are still large gaps between the rich and the poor in the former society, and the more difficult groups, which are connected with the whole society. For the groups that need to be rescued, the social magnetic resources are still very limited. Therefore, the "Ma Yinglong scholarship" is strategically invested in the form of grants rather than scholarships. Its purpose is to lay the steel stubble on the blade and realize the full use and effective allocation of Cishan resources. 4. Help from outside to inside and give full play to the double sound attack ability. Ma Yinglong Cishan fund not only gives full play to the ability to help the crisis, but also plays an important role in helping the company's difficult employees. When natural and man-made disasters happen to the company's employees, and when the company's employees are struggling and do not know what to do, Ma Yinglong Cishan fund does not forget to lend a helping hand and send warmth and love. This kind of living subsidy for difficult employees through Cishan fund rather than Qigong reward carving, effectively avoids the disturbance caused by administrative manual forging Qigong reward system, creates a harmonious production and operation environment, and further enhances the cohesion of the enterprise. Truth, diligence and kindness -- the fundamental criterion of Ma Yinglong's human behavior 1. The philosophy of "cultivating the mind like truth and cultivating the achievement like diligence" is the crystallization of Ma Yinglong's 400 years of historical and cultural accumulation, and it is also the fundamental basis of Ma Yinglong's human behavior. It means to be a sincere person and work hard and steadfastly“ What a first morality. " Truth, goodness and beauty are the starting point of morality. Only true materials are good, only true materials are beautiful, and only true materials are strong“ "Truth" means that Ma Yinglong's current affairs ball is real, that he is sincere in dealing with the world, that he is sincere in dealing with people, that he is sincere and trustworthy, that he learns the true vision of the current affairs ball, that he explores the true meaning of the current affairs ball, and that he evaluates the reality of the current affairs ball“ Diligence is the first method. " Any square method is so exquisite that it must be like diligence as the starting point. The ball must be diligent. "Diligence" requires the ball. Ma Yinglong's people are diligent and pragmatic, firm and meticulous. We are strong. God rewards diligence, one after another, one after another. Ma Yinglong is still young after 400 years of ups and downs, maintaining Wang Sheng's vitality and tenacious adaptability“ "Cultivating one's mind like truth and cultivating one's accomplishments like diligence" is the mainstay of hitting the water, which is not only the crystallization of more than 400 years of cultural accumulation, but also the deep-seated reason for Ma Yinglong's sustained and healthy development. 2. In keeping with the times, Ma Yinglong plays an important role in guiding and ensuring the harmony of enterprise party building. The restructuring of Ma Yinglong pharmaceutical industry has undergone tremendous changes in the past 12 years. It is known as "a model of re leasing state-owned assets into attack". On May 17, 2004, Shanghai Securities collection and exchange Yang Suocheng was listed. In 2006, the company's Mei shares received a posthumous title of 1.4 yuan, ranking first among pharmaceutical listed companies. In the list of "top 100 Chinese Listed Companies in governance" in 2005 jointly evaluated by the world financial laboratory, wall street electric flood and the world manager magazine, Ma Yinglong ranked 18th among the most respected listed companies in China. Ma Yinglong ranked 39th among the "top 100 Chinese Listed Companies in 2005" in the global competitiveness evaluation, and ranked first among the pharmaceutical listed companies. Ma Yinglong won the title of "China's top ten and most important fenhong return listed company" in the second "Volkswagen coupon Cup" competitiveness and credibility evaluation of Chinese listed companies jointly sponsored by Volkswagen coupon newspaper and Sina Caijing. It is an indisputable fact that Ma Yinglong's outstanding performance and unconventional development are achieved under the background of very stability and harmony, and the establishment of this stable and harmonious environment is the result of Ma Yinglong's party construction and enterprise culture construction working together and promoting each other. Under the background that the Central Committee advocated building a harmonious society, Ma Yinglong's Party committee and shijijin made the work deployment of "building a harmonious Ma Yinglong". Through carrying out situation education, going out to visit and study, high-level and grass-roots "Gonghua harmony" discussion, calligraphy and painting photography exhibition, speech contest, prize essay solicitation and other activities; At the same time, it also launched the employee palpitation thought movement report system, which plays a good role in mastering the employee thought movement in time“ The focus of "building a harmonious Ma Yinglong" is to care about employees, only protect their legitimate rights and help them solve their problems; Do practical things and create a stable and harmonious work and production environment. In recent years, the Party committee of the company has planned to visit more than 1100 employees, sick Ruan and affected employees, with an amount of about 120000 yuan; Employees receiving special bundles are subsidized, with a subsidy amount of about 50000 yuan. In July, the company issued the wage policy of Digao's basic wage. This time, more than 700 people were involved in the whole arch carving, and more than 300 first-line employees, with an average increase of 16%. Board effect - the accumulated power of corporate culture. In today's world, culture and economy blend with each other. The power of culture is deeply rooted in the vitality, creativity and cohesion of corporate board, and is playing a greater and greater influence. Facing the fierce market competition and the arrival of the era of integrated marketing, focusing on the construction of board and investment board is the only way for enterprises to survive in the market competition. As far as enterprises are concerned, the tangible products and goods that can be provided for the society are always limited. The burden is that the board and the corporate culture attached to the board can provide consumers with spiritual wealth for life. This rich spiritual material is the fundamental reason why the board is recognized by the market and will become the fundamental cornerstone of the board business. Over the past few years, Ma Yinglong has taken the board like brand management strategy as the leading strategy and implemented the development strategy of combining production board management with capital management. Like the market as the guide, strengthen the core competitiveness, like the board as the link, integrate social resources, hide and promote customers, protect Confucianism, cultivate customer loyalty, and realize enterprise value, which has achieved obvious strategic results. Over the past ten years of restructuring, Ma Yinglong's main business indicators have increased significantly by 10-100 times. In the 2007 "China's top 500 most valuable boards" ranking jointly evaluated by the world board laboratory and the world manager magazine, Ma Yinglong ranked 218th, with a board value of 3.172 billion yuan. According to the 2007 list of the first top 100 Chinese time-honored brands in value published by Ruan, Ma Yinglong was the only Chinese time-honored brand in northern province. According to the statistics of Nanfang Medical Economic Research Institute of the State Food and drug administration, the retail market of Ma Yinglong's stubble hemorrhoids drug board has exceeded 40%, becoming the first board in the field of hemorrhoids treatment. At the end of 2005, rongwok was selected as "the most influential board of hemorrhoids medicine in China" by six public arch media, including Ma Yinglong's people's daily, China enterprise culture promotion magazine and China Quality and board magazine. On June 1, 2006, Ma Yinglong rongwok, the "Chinese pool name trademark" recognized by the State Administration for Industry and commerce, became the only "Chinese pool name trademark" in the field of hemorrhoids treatment in China. Philosophers say that faith is like crossing the sea. People without faith cannot cross the sea by boat. Ma Yinglong's corporate culture has long become a belief of Ma Yinglong people and the heart of Rongzhu Yumei employees. We have reason to believe that, adhering to the youjiu culture of more than 400 years and under the guidance of stubble board business strategy, Ma Yinglong will advance with the times and inherit the past and forge ahead. Ma Yinglong's everlasting foundation is not a dream!

Please accept, thank you!

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