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Thursday, September 2, 2021

Canon's background and product introduction?

Canon's background and product introduction?

Canon introduced Canon's Chinese career at the beginning of reform and opening up in the late 1970s. In 1979, Ms. Deng Yingchao visited canon and made a request to support China's precision industry. In 1980, the then president, Mr. He Lailong Saburo, paid a friendly visit to Beijing. The exchange of visits between the Chinese government and Canon's senior leaders has taken a solid first step for Canon's cause in China, and Canon's investment in China has officially kicked off. Over the past 20 years, Canon's China business has grown and expanded with China's all-round progress, and the concept of "symbiosis" has yielded fruitful results. In Dalian, Zhuhai, Zhongshan, Suzhou and other places, Canon has 11 wholly-owned companies and 3 joint ventures. Among them, the factory invested nearly US $100 million in Suzhou New Area in 2001 is by far the largest factory in Canon in the world. So far, Canon's investment in China has accumulated to US $1 billion, with 28769 employees, ranking among the top among many foreign-funded enterprises. In 1997, Canon (China) Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing and began to be responsible for Canon's investment and other related businesses in China. In 2002, after China's accession to the world trade organization, with the gradual strengthening of market openness and the implementation of various policies and regulations, China's personal consumer goods market and office equipment market became more and more active. Correspondingly, Canon moved its Asian marketing headquarters from Hong Kong to Beijing and officially began to exercise its domestic sales right in China. At the same time, Canon has vigorously strengthened its institutions in China, added three regional headquarters in North China, East China and South China in the Chinese market, and authorized its branches in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou to manage the finance, logistics, sales and services in their respective regions. By the end of 2003, all 15 branches of Canon in China had been registered and established, and canon (China) had realized the major strategic promotion from production investment in the first stage to sales service in the second stage. The most important work of Canon (China) is the construction of the Chinese market, that is, adjust the management structure and business structure in the Chinese market, and gradually establish a more efficient marketing system to meet the growing needs of the Chinese market. Canon has successfully used its world-class imaging technology to provide many products such as cameras, copiers, printers, fax machines, scanners and projectors for the Chinese market, and began to actively expand to the fields of consumables and medical equipment. Based on the concept of "symbiosis", Canon is rooted in China and began to grow. In the future, Canon will continue to practice this concept, provide more and more advanced products and better services for Chinese consumers, and continue to contribute to China's economic development and social prosperity through investment in foreign exchange, technology transfer, job creation, participation in social construction and other forms. Business philosophy Canon's business philosophy is "symbiosis". It refers to working and living together for common interests, eliminating barriers caused by differences in culture, customs, language and race, and establishing a society in which all mankind shares a happy and happy life. However, we deeply regret that there are still various imbalances in today's world - unequal trade, wide income gap and environmental problems, which are great obstacles for us to move towards the concept of "symbiosis". Canon takes eliminating these imbalances as its bounden mission, and will spare no effort to put the concept of "symbiosis" into practice in the future. As a truly global company, it not only needs to establish good relations with customers and their communities, but also coexist peacefully with countries and regions, the earth and nature, and undertake corresponding social responsibilities. Therefore, Canon takes "promoting world prosperity and human happiness" as its goal and makes great strides along the road of continuous production increase and further realizing the concept of symbiosis. The group introduces that Canon has been continuously improving itself. Under the guidance of the enterprise concept of "symbiosis", Canon is determined to become a truly excellent company, A company widely trusted and respected all over the world. With Canon products, users can enjoy a more convenient and happy life more simply and safely. In addition, by choosing canon, users also support the company's efforts in environmental protection. Day after day, Canon continues to pursue innovation and strive to make tomorrow better.

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