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Sunday, September 5, 2021

Did you write Wang Yongqing's article, which requires more than 700 words, not too much. Some tell me

Did you write Wang Yongqing's article, which requires more than 700 words, not too much. Some tell me

Wang Yongqing's eight "weapons of success" for young people / Guo Tai, praised by Qiu Zuyin as a "shadow writer", studied Wang Yongqing for more than 20 years. He deeply felt that "the poor operation of enterprises is a problem for managers, not employees." Hovering between "business management" and "Wang Yongqing's study", Guo Tai found that many of Wang Yongqing's business ideas, whether for managers or office workers struggling in the workplace, have considerable inspiration. Since 1981, Guo Tai has read a lot of Wang Yongqing's materials, including books, speeches and various newspaper clippings. For a long time, he found that Wang Yongqing can rise rapidly, persevere and maintain competitiveness at any time. These eight secrets are still applicable not only decades ago, but also in a pluralistic competitive modern society. Actuary Wang Yongqing: after all, never give up. There is no word "careless" in Wang Yongqing's dictionary. He not only inquired into everything, but also pursued it. He would never give up until he found the reason. This spirit is particularly thorough in cost analysis. The industry knows that cost control is a famous interest for Wang Yongqing's enterprises. "Saving a dollar is equal to making a net dollar". Wang Yongqing brings it to the extreme. The "thin goose theory" often mentioned by Wang Yongqing extends at least three meanings: first, the toughness of geese; Second, once the thin goose catches the opportunity, it will quickly absorb nutrients and fully show its strength; Third, the goose is thin and fat. The key is not the goose, but the people who raise the goose, which refers to the relationship between managers and employees. In addition, Wang Yongqing's requirements for new employees, regardless of their educational background, must receive grass-roots training. Only by narrowing the distance between theory and practice can we give full play to the power of knowledge. Ideal Wang Yongqing: Based on practicality. Of course, based on practicality, Wang Yongqing's ideal is always full of foresight and creativity. In recent years, he has actively invested in three fields: electric vehicles, kitchen waste recycling and health culture village. Electric cars are because he sees the plight of global energy; Kitchen waste recycling is to solve the problem of soil deterioration and acidification in Taiwan; Health culture village looks at the social structure of aging population in the future. These plans teach people to look forward to the next step of this God of management who is good at "cost control". Guo Tai believes that Wang Yongqing's emphasis on practicality, not carelessness, starting from the grass-roots level and starting from an early age is more effective in guiding the maze in the current social atmosphere of eager for success and benefits and quick impact. Weapon 1 to get to the bottom of the matter: we will never stop until the facts come out. Wang Yongqing said, "cost analysis, to get to the bottom of the matter, Formosa Plastics depends on this." The problems seen by Wang Yongqing will not stop until they come to the bottom; He believes that carelessness will only expand the problem. How can we compete with others? In addition to asking for great details, Wang Yongqing also asked for "comparison", otherwise it would not be an analysis at all. Therefore, in addition to asking the basic price, what technology should we use? How many ingredients are used? What's the salary? Can consumption be controlled? Whether the production efficiency can be improved. Weapon 2 service-oriented spirit: every thing requires bit by bit rationalization. Management scholars believe that senior managers of enterprises should not manage details, which is just contrary to Wang Yongqing's view. He believes that we should start from the subtle, and then find out the problems and try to solve them. Only a comprehensive understanding can deepen the requirements, which is in line with the service-oriented spirit. For example, the skills, operation methods and mechanical configuration of operators will affect the productivity. If their actions can be subdivided and whether they are rationalized, it is possible to improve the productivity. This is the cost. Starting from the grass-roots level of Weapon 3: in Formosa Plastics, new employees, regardless of their educational background, intimacy or distance, must participate in shift training and be assigned to the forefront of production in all factories in Taiwan. After six months of training and taking the exam, he was officially appointed after passing the exam. Wang Yongqing believes that if he does not make good use of the new period of training, he will not have the opportunity to start over in the future, which will be a loss to employees and enterprises. After all, there is no shortcut to success. Only when young people find a job, work hard, step by step, and start at the grass-roots level, can they cultivate themselves and achieve their goals. Weapon 4 thin goose Theory: endure humiliation, bear heavy burdens, work hard and wait for opportunities. Wang Yongqing developed a unique theory because of his goose raising experience. In the early days of Taiwan's restoration, geese in rural areas only ate wild vegetables and grass. After four months, they weighed only two kilograms; Wang Yongqing carefully observed that the leaves and roots of Korean vegetables left in the garden were collected together, and the broken rice and rice husk bought back cheaply were mixed for feeding. In two months, he developed a weight of seven or eight kilograms. Wang Yongqing urged people to learn from thin geese, be more resolute in the face of difficulties and wait for opportunities at any time. Weapon 5 strength doctrine: the more practical experience, the greater the chance of success. "Strength can't be robbed by others." The strength accumulated from practical experience is the most precious. Most people divide knowledge into theory and practice, which Wang Yongqing believes is wrong. A book is the crystallization of the author's wisdom and the accumulation of experience. The problem is that readers only write down what they say in the book without digestion and experience. Therefore, it is said that this is a theory, which is why many people who hang book bags are rated as "empty talk". Only by narrowing the distance between theory and practice can the power of knowledge be brought into play. Weapon 6 personal sense: it is selfish to let employees give full play to more than 100% of their potential. Only when they have the most personal sense of their own career will they work hard. For business owners, how to make employees feel that this is their own industry can start with rewards or various systems. Take the South Asian foreign department as an example, that is, 30% of the benefits arising from increased turnover or cost savings will be allocated to staff. Weapon 7 is cheap and good quality: it is the best way to create win-win and common prosperity for downstream manufacturers. Wang Yongqing firmly believes that enterprises can flourish only on the basis of "cheap and good quality", and "improving quality and reducing cost" is the way to achieve this goal. In order to reduce costs, cost analysis must be done first. In addition to the unique "unit cost analysis method", Wang Yongqing also puts forward the concept of "saving a dollar is equal to making a net dollar", and uses the "three low": low plant construction cost, low production cost and low marketing cost to improve the competitiveness of enterprises. Weapon 8 customer first: only by giving customers appropriate interests can they obtain the maximum interests. Wang Yongqing puts forward four necessary conditions to meet customers: 1. Fair price: cooperate with customers and even lower the price. 2. The quality shall meet the standard and be stable. 3. The delivery date should be accurate: responsible business personnel must find ways to prevent this major trouble. 4. The service must be considerate: Based on serving as a communication bridge between the company and customers, business personnel must fully understand the needs of customers.

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