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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

How to do Internet Marketing

How to do Internet Marketing

How to find customer experience

If I take the initiative to find someone to add, even if I do,

You don't have to buy my things. So, take the initiative to add

I gave up this completely.

My request is to ask others to take the initiative to add me, because

I must have come to buy my things for others, which is the so-called

Accurate score, so a ke Hu is a quasi Ke Hu

, take the initiative to add 100 others on top of 10, so that's the idea.

---------Lu Xingyun thousand people association---------

His buckle = v = 391053------

Nearly 2000 partners communicate together--------

Why do so many people add him---------

That's because I learned and earned skills---------

What will you do when you add it? Start playing with people-----------

Hello, remember I said hello, not to recommend your reference,

This is the minimum courtesy. Don't add it. Don't say anything,

This is very good. (another reason is that those who add you,

It must be your prospective kohu, so say hello first, but if you don't mind

Don't do too much, otherwise it will be disgusting; if you do other things

If you want to taste it, you must grasp Gu Ke's psychology to do it.)

When he comes in, he will basically browse your information,

Look at the information before your circle of friends and observe it for a period of time,

Generally, the fastest order is placed on the same day, and the slow order takes 2-3 days,

But it doesn't matter. After my calculation, it's basically a large part

It took several days to decide to place an order, because there was no need to place an order

To guarantee, direct payment, so buyers need to consider

Time. This is also normal.

What about the time period under consideration? Your circle of friends sends it every day

The first thing is not to be too frequent when you

When the hair is mostly covered by the buyer's shielding, it is the buyer's shielding or

When deleting you, if you can transpose and think about it

I fully realized it. (but it doesn't matter. Delete your description

It's not your exact score at all. You can delete it if you want, but

I'm not the point. What I want to say is that you should make full use of your circle of friends

Train your friends so that they can become your loyal points or buyers in the future)

Don't use any win-win software,

Automatic positioning and adding people are useless, as we all know,

It's easy to seal the title. It's bragging to say no; Another

One is to retreat from Canton. It's even more useless. It's impossible to say what precision points are added

probably. So, don't be in this piece of white rice.

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