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Friday, September 10, 2021

How to promote app to overseas Chinese?

How to promote app to overseas Chinese?

Channel 1: search engine promotion

There are many foreign search engines, large and small, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, yandex, ask, Lycos, Dmoz, etc. I have a general understanding of them one by one. At present, only Google, Bing and Yahoo have been selected for a preliminary attempt.

Channel 2: Mobile Network Alliance promotion

Most of the well-known mobile online leagues in China also have overseas business units. Some online leagues have their own unique overseas resources, but most online leagues still rely on Google Advertising and Facebook. Therefore, most of these online leagues are only willing to activate rather than register. Overseas mobile network alliances include DuoMeng, youmi, inmobi, yeahmobi, APP flood, tapjoy, chart boost, beintoo, avazu, etc. Personally, I suggest to find these businesses to launch. It's better to find clean master and launcher to do some cooperative promotion.

Channel 3: social platform and blog

We are familiar with foreign social platforms, such as Facebook, twitter, VK, whats app, snap chat, KIK, line, instagram, etc., and blogs such as Google +, Wordprss, etc. These platforms are a fan group website (the favorite marketing method of overseas users). They can show their applications through photos, graphics or videos to help communicate with friends. At the same time, they can build trust in the user group and constantly strengthen their brand. When it comes to videos, you can also set up YouTube channels and upload videos regularly, which has achieved the purpose of publicity and promotion.

If it is paid promotion by social platform, Facebook advertising background is a good publicity. Now Facebook has become one of the most important advertising resources of overseas PC and mobile with its huge user base and perfect advertising background. Although there is still a gap compared with Google AdMob in terms of traffic, the conversion quality has always been the most reliable.

Channel 4: Mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is a very traditional marketing method, but the e-mail marketing mentioned here is not bombing e-mail mass sending. To do e-mail marketing, it is necessary to do humanized e-mail marketing content. Overseas users are more likely to accept licensed e-mail marketing involving discounts, discounts, gifts and other information. In addition, overseas ISPs (overseas mailbox service providers, mainly Hotmail, Gmail and Yahoo) will intercept mail sent by servers without fixed IP. In addition, spam, blacklist and complaint reporting rules. If you improve the mail interception rate, please give us some suggestions:

1、 Select excellent e-mail marketing service providers with fixed overseas IP addresses;

2、 Prepare a special e-mail template and awesome e-mail content, so that users can deeply remember your brand, both visually and in writing;

3、 In email design, pay attention to avoid spam keywords and words that are easy to cause foreign spam filters.

Due to the wide overseas scope and the differences of e-mail marketing environment between different regions, accurate analysis of e-mail opening rate, click through rate and other data will greatly improve ROI.

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