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Tuesday, September 28, 2021

SEO is abbreviated from English search engine optimization and translated in Chinese as "search engine optimization

SEO is abbreviated from English search engine optimization and translated in Chinese as "search engine optimization". Is a way: use the rules of search engines to improve the natural ranking of websites in relevant search engines. The purpose is to make it occupy a leading position in the industry and obtain brand revenue. To a large extent, it is a kind of business behavior of website operators, which moves themselves or their company forward. Search the Internet to learn more about SEO dry goods Method classification The technical means of search engine optimization mainly include black hat and white hat. Cheating on search engines and visitors through cheating is called black hat, which will eventually be punished by search engines, such as hiding keywords, manufacturing a large number of meta words, ALT tags and so on. The SEO technology that is accepted by search engines through formal technologies and methods is called white hat. Optimization strategy 1. The theme should be clear and the content should be rich 2. Outgoing links should be popular 3. Keyword setting should be prominent 4. The website structure should be clear 5. The page capacity should be rationalized 6. Website navigation should be clear 7. The website shall be updated Job responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the optimization of the company's website, familiar with various network promotion, website editing and other related work; 2. Deeply understand the principle of search engine, be familiar with Baidu and other optimization to improve the search ranking of website keywords; 3. Responsible for website SEO Search engine optimization, e-mail, soft text, forum, client information and other related technical promotion; 4. Track and analyze the SEO Traffic introduced and the ranking of relevant keywords; Form periodic data report and put forward follow-up optimization scheme; 5. Be responsible for the external links of the website, ensure the PR value and Alexa ranking of the website, and optimize the site and internal chain as a whole; 6. Pay attention to the construction of internal and external chains, and be responsible for the SEO / SEM training of relevant personnel or departments. Qualifications: 1. More than 1 year experience in seo search engine optimization, with successful cases; 2. Be able to formulate optimization strategies according to the characteristics of the website, and have an in-depth understanding of network promotion methods and means such as SEO / SEM, soft articles, forums, links, etc; 3. Proficient in Baidu and other search engine ranking principles and SEO / SEM optimization technology, proficient in obtaining high-quality external chain resources quickly and efficiently; 4. Understand how various search engines capture Internet pages, keyword search result ranking and other technologies to improve the number of website visits and users; 5. Skillfully use PR value tools, stationmaster statistical tools, traffic analysis statistical tools, etc. to summarize the effective conversion rate of various promotion methods and promotion skills.

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