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Sunday, September 19, 2021

The function of network marketing needs to be realized through one or more network marketing means. In addition to search engine registration

The function of network marketing needs to be realized through one or more network marketing means. In addition to search engine registration, the commonly used network marketing methods include keyword search, network advertising, exchange links, information release, mailing list, licensed email marketing, personalized marketing, membership marketing, viral marketing and so on.

Search engine registration and ranking. Search engine is the basic method for people to find new websites. Registering on the main search engines and obtaining the best ranking is one of the problems to be considered in the process of website design. Submitting the website to the main search engines as soon as possible after its official release is the basic task of network marketing.

Exchange links. Exchange link is a simple form of cooperation between websites with certain complementary advantages, that is, place the logo or website name of each other's website on their own website and set the hyperlink of each other's website, so that users can find their own website from the cooperative website and promote each other. The role of exchange links is mainly reflected in several aspects: obtaining traffic, increasing users' impression when browsing, increasing advantages in search engine ranking, increasing the credibility of visitors through the recommendation of cooperative websites, etc. More importantly, the significance of exchanging links has gone beyond whether it can increase traffic. More important than the direct effect is the recognition and recognition of the industry.

Online advertising. Among all the online marketing means related to brand promotion, online advertising plays the most direct role. The click through rate of online advertising can not fully represent its effect. Online advertising also has an effect on those visitors who browse without clicking on advertising and account for more than 99% of the total number of visitors.

Information Delivery. Information release is a practical means of operation. Through the Internet, you can not only browse a large amount of business information, but also release information yourself. The most important thing is to publish valuable information on your own website in time to give full play to the functions of the website, such as new product information, preferential promotion information, etc.

License email marketing. Email marketing based on user permission has obvious advantages over traditional promotion methods or unauthorized email marketing. It can reduce the nuisance of advertising to users, increase the accuracy of potential customer positioning, enhance the relationship with customers, improve brand loyalty and so on. The premise of e-mail marketing is to have the e-mail addresses of potential users. These addresses can be collected and sorted out by the enterprise from the data of users and potential users, or use the potential user resources of a third party.

Mailing list. In fact, mailing list is also a form of email marketing. Mailing list is also based on the principle of user permission. Users voluntarily join and exit. Slightly different is that email marketing directly sends promotion information to users, while mailing list realizes the purpose of marketing by providing users with valuable information and adding an appropriate amount of promotion information to the email content. The main value of mailing list is reflected in four aspects: as a promotional tool for the company's products or services, facilitating communication with users, obtaining sponsorship or selling advertising space, and charging information services. There are many forms of mailing list, such as news email, various electronic publications, new product notices, preferential promotion information, important event reminder service and so on.

Personalized marketing. The main contents of personalized marketing include: users customize the information content they are interested in, choose their favorite web design form, set the receiving method and time of information according to their own needs, and so on. Personalized service has obvious effects in improving customer relationship, cultivating customer loyalty and increasing online sales. According to research, in order to obtain some personalized services, users are willing to provide limited personal information when personal information can be protected, which is the premise guarantee of personalized marketing.

Membership marketing. Membership marketing is an effective marketing means of e-commerce websites. Many foreign online retail websites have implemented membership plans, which have covered almost all industries. Domestic membership marketing is still in the early stage of development, but it has been seen that e-commerce enterprises show strong interest and strong development momentum.

Online store. Based on the e-commerce platform provided by a third party and operated by merchants themselves, it is a relatively simple form of e-commerce, just like renting space to open merchants' exclusive stores in large shopping malls.

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