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Wednesday, September 29, 2021

What are the marketing methods

What are the marketing methods 1. Advertising marketing: TV advertising, combining humorous or popular language and actions in the early stage of the website (the first two months) to achieve the effect of audience spiritual echo and enhance memory. Example: if there is a problem, find Baidu. In the medium term (3-5 months), the form of experience and media column cooperation is adopted to strengthen the user influence, and the full-function demonstration is connected in the middle of the experience (the scheme for the medium term is that after I lack the online line for 1-2 months, it will attract the attention of the same industry, and there will be activities, so as to open up the competition with industry counterparts and achieve the role of consolidation. Note: this link should not be used in the first stage.) Later stage: improve advertising quality and carry out brand building strategy (one year after launch). Traditional print advertising: select the low-end advertising with the highest exposure in large and medium-sized cities by publishing advertisements in various print media (newspapers, magazines, billboards, leaflets, etc.); Advertising on the front page or title page of a magazine; Appear in the form of report in the newspaper advertising position to achieve better acceptance (indirect implication of advertising components); Issuing campaign leaflets to guide the experience is a low-cost marketing method, but its effectiveness is also low, because the people who accept the leaflets do not necessarily need the contents of the leaflets, and they need to go to the participants, which is lagging, but it is indeed one of the most direct ways of publicity and promotion. Other forms of advertising are slightly. 2. Advertising exchange: that is to seek suitable manufacturers with similar level. There are advertisements of manufacturer B's products on manufacturer a's products and advertisements of manufacturer a's products on manufacturer B's products. Generally, the advertising exchange between upper and lower customers in the supply and demand chain is more effective. Equivalent to the offline version of the advertising alliance, this advertising form has low cost and wide coverage. 3. Special offer activity: a form of product promotion, which adopts the service measures of enjoying special offer during the activity period or special identity. For example, in the early stage of the website, the first 1W will enjoy senior member treatment for members / the first 1W will enjoy discount price for members, so as to attract more users to compete for limited places. 4. Free experience: in the first stage of the launch of website service products, the original paid services are developed free of charge, which is conducive to users to better understand the functions of the website, and set up a feedback mechanism to more effectively respond to the shortcomings of the system and the areas that need to be improved. It is also a reliable means to retain users. Generally, games use this marketing method more. Premise: declare this service at the beginning of the free experience, and charge after the service declaration period. If the conversion is improper, some customers will lose. 5. Prize winning activities: regular lucky draw and offline lucky draw, "building" lucky draw, answering questions, prizes and other forms. This method can be used in the concept promotion period and business recession period, and the prize can be cash or product service. Deficiency: it needs to be used together with other marketing methods. 6. Exhibition marketing: industry exhibition is the most direct way to compare the advantages of industry products. One is to participate in the same industry exhibition organized by others, the other is to organize the exhibition and invite the exchange exhibition between upstream and downstream products of the industrial chain, so as to provide docking opportunities for upstream and downstream enterprises of the industrial chain, so as to consolidate enterprise users, or both can be combined to exit, 7. Product promotion meeting: industry product promotion meeting is one of the official forms of product promotion. It purchases promotion opportunities by means of financing the sponsor in activities, industry conferences, exhibitions and other exchange opportunities, resulting in the impression of product advantages and strength. 8. ABC oral marketing: a = > b = > C = >... The most direct, fastest and most effective promotion method, provided that the website system is perfect and can attract customers. Case: the initial stage of campus network 9. Mass sending promotion: send to target customers through mass sending software or telecom short messages, electronic news and other forms. The more representative ones are mass sending of short messages, mass sending of electronic newspapers, mass sending of e-mails, mass sending of QQ, mass sending of Wangwang, mass sending of forums, mass sending of Blog replies, etc 10. RBT marketing: encourage full-time RBT production experts to distribute humorous and college RBTS to the RBT website for users to download through collection and other forms. Employees of the company collectively customize RBTS to achieve the purpose of brand communication. 11. Business bundling: a simple hand is to give service B as a gift while providing service A. in fact, service B has been charged at the same time as service a. It can also be bundled in the form of integral. 12. Telemarketing: telemarketing and promotion is a kind of marketing method that has sprung up occasionally recently. The premise is that it is based on the monthly telephone fee service, and the company's products and brands are promoted by providing free consultation and services to the target population. There is also the opposite way. 13. Blog promotion: blog is a new communication tool. It has gradually become a marketing tool and one of the most popular places for advertising. Blog reply is one of the forms of blog promotion. At the same time, it is promoted to customers in the form of targeted blog published by bloggers or celebrity blog charge cycle display. 14. Network pusher: use network marketing tools or groups to repeat follow-up Posts behind popular posts or create popular follow-up posts to achieve social influence and information coverage. 15. Keyword marketing: through national search engine keyword marketing, attract customers by purchasing search engine keyword ranking. According to statistics, the probability of domestic residents using Baidu is 75-80% (mainland, especially in the North); The use probability of Google is 15% (generally in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and coastal areas with a large number of outlets; the right annual package business of Google at this stage is suitable for promotion in major cities across the country); others (soso, Sogou, Youdao, Zhongsou, 3721, etc.) 5-10%. For the convenience information users need, people's first reaction is to detect it through Baidu and other search engines, and the most concerned is generally the money 6 on the first page, and the number of effective pages is the first five pages. Generally, if they find what they like and are satisfied with on the website displayed on the first page, they will no longer pay attention to the second page and the following pages. 16. Short film (including Series) Marketing: I. video clips: by shooting a series of humorous, humorous and mass clips, a certain function or image is repeated and plays a key guiding role to attract the attention of the audience, resulting in thinking set and atmosphere infection. Cases: Pepsi Cola series, Nike series and Master Kang green tea series. II. Animation clip marketing: take the mascot as the core image , launching a series of short stories to create an animated image while publicizing the company's products is another way to make profits. Similar methods are also feasible. Case: Xiyangyang series 17. Film and TV sponsorship marketing: there are many forms of sponsorship, one is to integrate the company's products and services into the film and TV plot, and the other is to appear the company's products and services at the beginning, end and acknowledgment. The latter is more effective for the launch of popular TV dramas. The former is generally recommended for movies. 18. Internal inter system marketing: marketing is interspersed between internal company websites and functions, depending on specific conditions and activities. It is one of the most effective marketing methods.

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