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Thursday, September 30, 2021

What are the marketing methods

What are the marketing methods What are the methods of product marketing 1. Integrated marketing As a systematic combination of various marketing tools and means, it carries out real-time dynamic correction according to the environment, so as to make the exchange parties realize value-added knowledge in the interaction. 2. Joint marketing More than two enterprises or brands have different key resources, and their markets are different to some extent. They carry out strategic alliances for each other's interests, exchange or combine each other's resources, and cooperate in marketing activities to create competitive advantages. 3. Event marketing A very popular means of public relations communication and market promotion at home and abroad, which integrates news effect, advertising effect, public relations, image communication and customer relationship, creates opportunities for new product promotion and brand display, and establishes brand identification and brand positioning, which can quickly improve brand popularity and reputation. 4. Direct selling As a distribution model, it has a clear target customer group, no intermediate sales links or minimize intermediate links. It can measure the sales effect, and enterprises can sell products directly by using salespeople. 5. Opposite marketing When an enterprise's products are introduced to the market, in each competitive answer stage, it is necessary to find out the opponents, such as brands, products and even enterprises or individuals. According to the opponent's marketing strategy system, establish an opposite marketing strategy system to jump out of the homogeneous competitive market or attack the competitors in stages. What are the methods of product network marketing 1、 Search engine marketing SEM is the abbreviation of search engine marketing, and Chinese means search engine marketing. SEM is a new form of network marketing. What SEM does is to comprehensively and effectively use search engines for online marketing and promotion. SEM pursues high cost performance, obtains multiple visits from search engines with small investment, and creates business value. 2、 Exchange link Exchange links or exchange links have certain complementary advantages. It is a simple way for two websites to cooperate, that is, put the logo or keyword of the other website on the hand page or inner page of the other website, and set the other website. Hyperlinks enable users to see their own websites from their cooperative websites, so as to promote each other. Exchange links have a variety of functions, that is, to obtain traffic, increase user impression when browsing, increase advantages in search engine ranking, and improve visitors' reputation through suggestions from partner websites. It is worth mentioning that the significance of exchanging links has gone beyond whether the number of visits can be increased. More important than the direct impact is the recognition and recognition of the industry. 3、 Online advertising Almost all online marketing activities are related to brand image. In all online marketing methods related to brand promotion, online advertising plays a direct role. Standard banner advertising (banner) was once the mainstream of online advertising (although not an advanced form). After entering 2001, the online advertising domain launched a dynamic innovation movement. New forms of advertising continue to appear. The new advertising has overcome the shortcomings of the standard banner advertising banner, which is limited information and poor interaction, so the click through rate is relatively high. 4、 Information release Information release is not only the basic function of network marketing, but also a practical operation method. Through the Internet, you can not only browse a large amount of business information, but also publish information yourself. It is important to publish valuable information on your website in time to give full play to the functions of the website, such as new product information, promotion information, etc. 5、 Mailing list Mailing lists are actually a form of e-mail marketing. Mailing lists are also based on user licensing principles. Users join voluntarily and exit freely. The difference is that e-mail marketing directly sends promotion information to users, while mailing list achieves marketing purpose by providing users with valuable information and adding appropriate promotion information to the content of e-mail. The main value of mailing list is reflected in four aspects: as a product or service promotion tool of the company, it can facilitate communication with users, obtain sponsorship or sell advertising space, and charge information service fees. Mailing lists come in many forms, including newsletters, various electronic publications, new product announcements, special promotions and important event reminders.

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