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Monday, September 13, 2021

Who is good at Taekwondo and Chinese martial arts?

Who is good at Taekwondo and Chinese martial arts?

"It is undeniable that no matter in actual combat or competitive confrontation, except Muay Thai, there are almost no skills that can defeat Sanda in the world. Many times, taekwondo will even be defeated by Sanda. However, in the aspect of market promotion, the gap between Wushu represented by Sanda and Taekwondo is not two days a day," Liu Zhenhua said. At the end of last century, with the popularity of Korean culture in China, "Kazakhstan and South Korea" was born. As an important part of Korean culture, Taekwondo has naturally become one of the trends pursued by "Kazak and Korean". While Chinese kung fu films have brought visual fatigue to people for a long time, film and television works with taekwondo as the cultural carrier, such as jade Guanyin, Anna and Wulin and Taekwondo, have brightened the eyes of many audiences and are eager to try. Liu Zhenhua pointed out: "I practiced martial arts near Shaolin temple since childhood. Why did I finally choose Taekwondo? Because I found that Taekwondo has many things that martial arts do not have yet." first, taekwondo pays attention to etiquette and systematization, and advocates gratitude and respect for teachers, while the boxing ceremony of martial arts is abused; Second, it is highly ornamental. From Taoist clothes to venues, the packaging effect is above martial arts; Third, the safety factor is high, so that children's parents can rest assured; Fourth, it is not limited by age. There are both aerobic events such as character, taekwondo dance and competitive anaerobic events. "Why do more and more parents send their children to learn Taekwondo now, because now the only child is spoiled, impolite and has no fighting spirit. Many boys are as shy as a little girl since childhood. Letting these children learn Taekwondo can cultivate their tenacious character. In addition, young women can prevent 'wolves' after learning Taekwondo for a few months," Liu Zhenhua said. Qin Xiliang, a teacher of the Department of international economics of Changchun Tax College, believes that compared with Taekwondo, Wushu contains richer content and wider scope. However, in the process of market promotion and publicity, the huge Wushu system needs to integrate all schools and categories, and then appear in the market as a whole, which will inevitably delay the pace of marketization. With its unique connotation and specific training system, Taekwondo has unloaded some non market burdens and is easier to be accepted by the public. "As an Olympic event, taekwondo can take the Olympic Games as a promotion platform, so that the public will naturally take it as a synonym for fashion sports when they accept it," he said

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