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Tuesday, October 12, 2021

about SEO

Chapter 1: about SEO, understand SEO section 1: the meaning of SEO. The full name of SEO is called search engine optimization. People use search engines to find the information they need, so as the owner of the website, we hope users can come to their website through search engines. This requires SEO (search engine optimization) on the website. In a simple word, it is through certain technical means to make our own website rank first when users search for keyword a, so as to increase sales opportunities. Remember that SEO is only a means. Our real purpose is to sell and create value. We can't put the cart before the horse! Section 2: what results can we get from doing SEO? On the one hand, improve the ranking of some words on your website, and on the other hand, improve the overall traffic of your website. Increase sales opportunities and your traffic revenue! The meaning of this picture is: we search the word "Hangzhou floor heating" to make our own website appear in the front, which is marked in the picture! Section 3: what conditions do you need to learn SEO? Learning SEO does not need any special technical foundation. Of course, if you have it, you will learn better. I was born in marketing and learned this, but I did spend a lot of energy on Technology in the later stage, but I believe that as long as I work hard, everything can succeed! Some knowledge points that SEOER must know: 1. First understand the basic SEO conceptual problems. 2. Understand HTML code. 3. It is best to learn div + CSS. 4. At least one CMS system. It is recommended to use decms. Section IV: the qualities SEOER should have 1. Confidence SEO is an important method of network marketing. We will learn all kinds of technologies needed by SEO. These technologies have passed the practice of postgraduate entrance examination. Don't give up because the optimization doesn't go up for a while. Have confidence in SEO technology and your ability. 2. Being patient with SEO is a long-term and complicated process, and the cycle may be several months, so you must be patient and stick to it. For example: I once made a garbage station and submitted it to Baidu for a long time. It's just not included. I'm a little discouraged and don't care about this website anymore. After a few months, I occasionally thought of this website and looked at it again. It was included very well. 3. Careful SEO involves all aspects inside and outside the website. There are many factors. When you encounter problems, you should carefully think of all the possibilities according to the phenomenon and conduct in-depth analysis for each, so as to solve the problems. For example: for another website I did, baidu did not include it after a period of time. I found no problems in many places. One day, when I checked the website code, I found that the new data could not be displayed because a tag was set too small. After increasing this value, the collection was normal again. 4. Modest SEO is a rapidly changing technology. What you just learned may fail in a few months; At the same time, there may be more and better technologies, so we should often learn from our peers.

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