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Tuesday, October 5, 2021

◎Educational Marketing◎

◎Educational Marketing◎ In fact, marketing in the beauty industry has always been closely related to education and training. From the rise of beauty technology training in the early 1990s, the popularity of beauty concept training in the late 1990s, to the expansion of beauty culture education today, the objects and content involved in this marketing model with training and lectures as the main form have also taken place. Transformation and promotion. From the initial skill training for beauticians to the current training for agents and terminal beauty salons and marketing management capabilities, the form is becoming more and more flexible, and the content is more and more, gradually moving towards multiple levels and all-round. Many companies are sparing no effort to try to provide marketing services to customers based on the educational origin. On the one hand, they use this form to vigorously promote corporate culture and product knowledge. On the other hand, more importantly, they can stimulate their customers by satisfying their learning needs. Enthusiasm for signing orders drives sales.

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