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Monday, October 4, 2021

◎ emotional marketing ◎

◎ emotional marketing ◎ Emotional marketing takes consumers' personal emotional differences and needs as the core of enterprise brand marketing strategy, and realizes the business objectives of enterprises by means of emotional packaging, emotional promotion, emotional advertising, emotional word-of-mouth, emotional design and other strategies. It focuses on the emotional interaction with customers and consumers, and enhances the communication with customers through various salons, fraternities and other forms at the terminal of the beauty salon. This is very necessary when some medium-sized enterprises want to quickly improve their image. Analysis of advantages and disadvantages: strong sales force; It plays a great role in helping beauty salons carry out terminal activities, improving psychological communication with customers, and maintaining customers' emotion. As Liang Zhicheng, general manager of Guangzhou faside women's Cosmetics Co., Ltd., said: "emotional marketing sells products in the way of emotional appeal, which can grasp the psychology of consumers and is suitable for one-to-one appeal. The market recognition is good, but the disadvantage is that there are many personnel and high costs." Classic case: "slimming men and women" Meijian club has always maintained the relationship between managers and employees, employees and employees, employees and customers with strong emotion. The club owner may not be a technician, but he is a real manager. He will carry out the norms formulated by himself from beginning to end and run his club in the way of running an enterprise. The interior decoration of the store is full of emotional appeal and rich cultural flavor, coupled with soothing and relaxed music, so that customers can completely relax and feel free. In terms of product sales, the biggest difference between it and traditional beauty salons is that it introduces each other with service and customers, and sells with contacts. Have a clear organization for customers and make them benefit. As an enterprise, seeking benefits is the first attribute, but not the only attribute. The "slimming men and women" Meijian club also classifies its responsibility to the society into its business scope. This social responsibility determines that it must be operated for a long time. The beautician team with high quality and excellent technology can not only shoulder this important task, but also develop and grow continuously. Under the cover of this comprehensive humanistic emotion, there is a heart to heart resonance between customers and employees, so that the performance of the beauty salon shows a steady upward trend

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