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Saturday, October 30, 2021

Marketing methods and Strategies

Marketing methods and Strategies Yes, of course, it's because I've been doing planning marketing work for many years and I've been very good at explaining it. It's because this question is relatively broad. Real insiders should be familiar with you. A long speech may be irrelevant, so how to answer really needs to be thought about How many marketing strategies? Marketing strategies can emerge one after another if you give them concepts. And search the Internet for all kinds of gifts, which dazzles you, and a new thing will pop up after so long, especially if it is subdivided, it is endless. The whole film is far from enough, but we say that various concepts emerge one after another, but the core is always changing. Firmly grasp the core and get rid of those fancy surface marketing. There has been no essential change since its birth. So I think it's better to talk about the essence of marketing methods. Positioning and truth In fact, the book "positioning" that all marketers will study is about the two most simple core issues. One is how to position our products, the other is how to shape the truth you want. Find your own advantages and make an accurate positioning of what you want to sell, whether tangible or intangible. What are the selling points? To whom? Why does he need it? Think these questions clearly. In fact, your product advantages or core competitiveness will come out. Then it is to shape the truth, which is not the truth of your product itself, but the truth you want your audience to accept. This is the product of nongnongshan spring. At the beginning, nongnongshan spring is a little sweet. This advertising word is constantly shaping the truth of the product, and our township will not fill it. This is a well-known truth, but through continuous shaping and repeated emphasis, the essential truth of the product has been replaced by the truth you shape. One point of precision marketing: precision, vertical, flat and repeated The next step is the essence of all marketing or the core of strategy, that is, if you want to know this point, it must be accurate, the advantage must point directly to the pain point, and solving the problem is the research pole of your product. Then it's vertical, how to segment the related products, how to extend different special effects at one point, but the focus is still vertical, and then vertical. Don't think that one product is all inclusive and applicable to all people, The core of marketing in place is to be vertical to your most important audience, and spread from them to other people. That's another thing, icing on the cake. Don't reverse the primary and secondary. In other words, the product must be repeatedly simplified, simplified and then simplified. Don't have too much content to describe. The more complex things are, the more ambiguous they are. Therefore, you must be as flat and simplified as possible so that your audience can know you know you and remember you in the shortest time window. Finally, repeatedly deliver the points you want to market to your audience. Don't say here today and there tomorrow This is the core focus of the marketing strategy. There are not so many fancy things. Because the space is not enough, I think the core, the most important and the most important thing is that if you are interested, you can continue to explore in depth. Thank you again for your question!

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