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Sunday, October 31, 2021

Marketing methods

Marketing methods 1. Under what background did the concept of sales promotion and marketing come into being? What is the difference between modern market concept and traditional concept? 2. Briefly describe the main contents of the enterprise development strategy. 3. What should be done to analyze the enterprise economic environment? What part does personal income include? What are their respective meanings? 4. Countermeasures for enterprises facing environmental threats five What are related groups? Give an example to illustrate how relevant groups affect consumers' purchase behavior? 6. Give examples to illustrate the characteristics of various types of purchase behavior. It also analyzes the marketing strategies that enterprises should adopt for all kinds of purchase behavior. 7. Competitive strategy of market leaders 8. What is the key to the success of market vacancies? What are the characteristics of an optimal filling base point? 9. Standards for segmenting the consumer market. Be able to propose different segmentation standards for different products. 10. Concepts, advantages and disadvantages of three target market strategies. 11. What factors should enterprises consider when choosing target market strategy? 12. Market positioning procedures. 13. The overall concept of the product includes five levels. 14. Main contents of product portfolio strategy. 15. What are the brand strategies of the enterprise? 16. Characteristics of products at different stages of their life cycle and appropriate marketing strategies. 17. Procedures for developing new products 18. Meaning and applicable conditions of skimming pricing strategy and penetration pricing strategy. 19. Main contents of relevant product pricing strategies. 20. Try to compare the different functions of mantissa pricing strategy and integer pricing strategy? 21. Briefly describe how enterprises choose appropriate distribution channels for their products according to relevant influencing factors? 22. The meaning of direct channel and indirect channel and the difference between them. 23. Choose three forms of intermediate quotient. 24. What are the main functions of network marketing? 25. What is the promotion mix? The advantages and applicable conditions of several main ways of enterprise promotion? 26. Steps for enterprises to communicate effectively. 27. Factors that should be considered when determining the promotion portfolio strategy of enterprises. 28. What are the advantages and disadvantages of product management organizations and market management organizations? 29. What are the main characteristics of services compared with physical products? 30. What are the characteristics of international marketing compared with domestic marketing? 31. Main contents of international marketing product strategy and advantages and disadvantages of various strategies. 3、 Case analysis It mainly focuses on the following aspects: one Market segmentation two environmental analysis three Looking for market opportunities four Channel strategy (focusing on the relationship between manufacturers and distributors) five new product development six Market concept

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