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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

SEO depends on thinking

SEO depends on thinking. Active thinking and imagination are the foundation of SEO Search Engine Optimization talent. Search engine optimization has no great technical specifications, because it is not Kung Fu, no stage, no kilogram. Sometimes a rookie's post can also make the old bird feel bright in front of him. This is search engine optimization. Search engine optimization is not a wonderful technology. It is a comprehensive implication of positive and discovery. Search engine optimization is still not a skill. Because of this realm, it was once an art. Some people wonder why my programming ability is so high and my aesthetic ability is so strong, but when I operate the website, I can't compare with those who can only use CMS website in optimization? If I answer this question back and forth, my answer is: "empty the cup before filling it with water". Search engine optimization or whatever else, forget what you have, in order to get what you don't have. In short, if you want to learn search engine optimization, don't take it as a skill. Search engine optimization is not mathematics. There are not so many formulas for you to recite. Search engine optimization is an aspect of website operation, but website operation is not just search engine optimization. Add a point called optimization equipment to your every solid trace. When you get into success, you will suddenly find that this is SEO. 1. All need patience. Patience is a kind of virtue. Analysis: more often, when you encounter such problems when making a website, you will be overwhelmed by cases that do not respond. And often at a certain moment, you just need to be patient and look forward to it quietly. For example, baidu snapshot did not keep up, inexplicably included, and so on. For another example, you also spent time on the external chain, but you just didn't see the results. What's useless? How many days can you persist with good patience? 2. SEO except ranking, search traffic, except traffic, and conversion rate. Note: too many SEOers pay too much attention to ranking and traffic. It's sad to SEO for SEO. If you are receiving the list of SEO business, or simply showing the level of SEO or testing, it's understandable. Otherwise, it's time to rethink the ultimate purpose of website operation. Generally speaking, the ultimate means of website operation is nothing more than profit, interest and public welfare. Most websites are established by means of profit, while SEO is effective for website operation. It is barbaric to make profit by regressing the conversion rate. Through the backward flow, the backward conversion rate, and the ranking is only for the backward flow, compared with no is the most important. At that level, SEO is the most ineffective method in flooding network promotion methods, but its actual end is once a method, and it is not unique. This is the real definition of SEO to be clear. If the website founded by hobby or public welfare means really doesn't care about SEO. 3. The first thing to get started with SEO is to say "hello" to the search engine and learn to respect the search engine. They are friends rather than partners. Analysis: a very simple understanding, SEO a goods is between the balcony of the search engine. In order to follow the SEO path, we must make good contact with the search engine, even if it is virtual. If the search engine completely blocks your website, even if your SEO skills are so distracted, a website is already slag behind the search engine. If you want to say that you can replace the new station and restore the K station, please continue to read the previous sentence a hundred times. Thank you. 4. There is no such thing as how rotten and easy it is at the end of the site. A good site is rising perfectly and abundantly without continuous improvement, not born perfect. There, the original author once presented wrong white words, which the author corrected. Analysis: in fact, this sentence has no limitations. No one can be so awesome when any object is just at the end. It can be so awesome from now on. The real cow force is innate and enterprising. The author has a saying here that "being fat first is not fat", and being fat all the time is the real "fat". Incidentally, in the second half of the sentence "after the fat collapsed the Kang", the author did not know whether there was a conversation in advance, but he was right. 5. Sharing experience is the best marketing, and non business is the best business. Analysis: I believe that every enemy city who has been in contact with marketing shows his praise for the first half of the sentence, at most all. Because it doesn't matter what the premise and situation of the world is, just if browsing is to get information. Even if you just want to see if a blog has been copied, this is also a means

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