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Monday, October 11, 2021

SEO network promotion

SEO network promotion - in the process, you may encounter such a problem: your website does not layout some relevant keywords, but in the search results, this word has a ranking. In this case, we will also find it in other search results. For example, when you search Jinan SEO, you occasionally see some gov websites appear in the search results. Obviously, gov websites are basically impossible to engage in SEO related business. Why does the site have keyword random ranking instead of related? Then why do websites have random keyword ranking? Let's find out. 1. It is a personalized display. Now it seems that with the adjustment of search engine algorithm, personalized search result feedback begins to appear in all regions. A simple understanding: when we search keywords, for example, which is good for Jinan SEO network promotion? If you are in Xiamen, the result may be completely different from that you fed back in Beijing. The data are different in different cities, so if your website does not match the specific keyword display. However, according to the geographical location attributes of the page, such as enterprise name, company address, postal code, etc. Search engines may display them according to personal preferences and regions. 2. Image ALT matching. Sometimes when you do keyword search, you often find that there are not a lot of keywords in the title, and there are few relevant words in the actual web page. But the target page is to display the ranking of the keyword. Why? The reason is simple: This often happens on a large number of websites dominated by picture types, such as food, art photos, etc. The most intuitive information is the descriptive content in the ALT tag. 3. Search click If you have time to look at the patent documents of search algorithms, you may find that the impact of page click behavior on website ranking is very intuitive. Many times, if your page gets a sustainable click on a keyword, and the user behavior index of the site page is also very OK, then the word will continue to be stable in SERP. For example, your website publishes a real-time hot industry vertical news content. Based on the relationship between topic heat, this content may not be particularly vertical, but it continues to get search clicks. This page gets a high number of visits in a short cycle. In this process, based on the attributes of high weight, the page may randomly show the ranking of some non-specific keywords. 4. False correlation If you have time to search the specific keyword SEO in various search engines, especially some niche search engines, you may find that the names of some hot stars often appear in the search results, including the target keyword SEO. On the contrary, if your page is accompanied by some other non core business related keywords when creating content, random keyword ranking will occasionally appear when searching and sorting. It is completely based on the accuracy of search engine correlation recognition. It requires a large number of semantic databases to continue machine learning. 5. Off site link Earlier, in the process of Jinan SEO network promotion, we often discussed some basic problems, such as the impact of the external chain on the ranking of target keywords. A simple understanding. When a large number of high-quality websites, some external links of news source sites, and the associated anchor text content are a fixed keyword, then based on the attribute of voting right, Link recommendation strategy.

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