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Saturday, October 9, 2021

What does SEO mean?

What does SEO mean? Search engine optimization is abbreviated as SEO and translated into Chinese as search engine optimization. It is a technology to understand how various search engines search, how to grab Internet pages, and how to determine the search result ranking of specific keywords by analyzing the ranking law of search engines. The search engine adopts the means that are easy to be cited by the search engine to optimize the website, improve the natural ranking of the website in the search engine, attract more users to visit the website, improve the traffic of the website, improve the sales ability and publicity ability of the website, so as to improve the brand effect of the website. Extended data: 1. With the development of the network, the number of websites has reached hundreds of millions. The amount of information on the Internet has increased explosively, which makes it more difficult for people to find target information. The emergence of search engine has brought great convenience to people to find information and has become an indispensable internet tool. 2. According to people's usage habits and psychology, the higher the ranking in the search engine, the greater the probability of being clicked. On the contrary, the lower the ranking, the less search traffic. According to statistics, more than 90% of the global top 500 companies have introduced SEO technology into the company's website. 3. Due to the lack of professional marketing knowledge and ideas, general network companies only build websites for you from the perspective of technology. Artists only design your websites beautifully, and programmers only realize the functional modules you require. The websites that do so are defective and do not meet the collection requirements of search engines, so we must comprehensively optimize the websites.

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