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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Community marketing method

Community marketing method  let me answer and share the report 1 answer # hot discussion # What facilities in the company can improve employee happiness? Xzzxx0000 high energy answer 2021-01-25 · tell you the complicated things simply follow With the vigorous development of China's social economy and real estate industry, at present, the vast majority of the population in the city has formed a community-based lifestyle according to their own living format, and "community marketing" is exactly what was born under such a big environment and background. Due to the increasing competition in traditional distribution channels, channel innovation often becomes a magic weapon for some enterprises to win by surprise. In the city, the scattered communities have great potential. Therefore, "marketing in the community" has been gradually regarded by some enterprises as a new way of distribution, and has been concerned by more and more enterprises. Breakfast car Many communities will have a mobile breakfast car dedicated to selling breakfast. The body of the breakfast car is actually a good media. Grocery store In grocery stores, the more common publicity carriers are wall posters, store recruitment advertisements and sun umbrellas. We mainly recommend "box stacking advertising". The so-called "box stacking advertising" is to stack the outer packaging boxes of products neatly at the door of grocery stores, usually in a group of "double rows and eight heights". The expenditure is only a small amount, but the publicity effect is very good. DM Direct Mail Community marketing DM Direct Mail advertising is quite common. Postal advertising companies in almost every city have this business. The unit cost is only about 0.5 yuan, but its effect is immeasurable. Because of its high arrival rate, it is particularly effective to cooperate with the dissemination of promotional information. Pure water bucket paste. Generally, there are no more than 10 purified water brands in prefecture level cities. Contact the purified water plant (fully cooperate with the water station of a brand), stick self-adhesive advertisements on its purified water bucket, or deliver it directly in the process of water delivery. Complaints and Suggestions There is usually a message board the size of a blackboard at the corridor entrance of a residential building. Whether posting posters or publishing community promotion information is a good media choice. Poster posting selection Establish a relationship of mutual trust, so as to achieve the purpose of advertising and sales.

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