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Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Methods of online marketing

Methods of online marketing The function of network marketing needs to be realized through one or more network marketing means. In addition to search engine registration, the commonly used network marketing methods include keyword search, network advertising, tmtw call payment advertising, exchange links, information release, integrated marketing, blog marketing, mailing list, licensed e-mail marketing, personalized marketing, membership marketing Viral marketing, etc. The following briefly introduces ten commonly used network marketing methods and effects. Viral marketing is not really carried out by spreading the virus, but through the user's word-of-mouth publicity network, the information spreads and spreads like a virus, and spread to thousands and millions of audiences by means of rapid replication. The classic example of viral marketing is. Now almost all free email providers adopt similar promotion methods. Case: in theory, the application of e-book advertising is very simple for super girls: when making e-books, reasonably arrange the advertising information into e-books, such as the home page of the book, the header or footer of the content, or insert a certain amount of advertising information in the appropriate position in the text, so that readers can read free e-books at the same time, Receive a certain amount of advertising information. EBook advertising can have all the advantages of online advertising. For example, it can accurately measure the number of downloads of each book and record the IP address of the downloader. At the same time, it has more advantages than ordinary online advertising. For example, after downloading, it can be browsed offline through various reading devices, and a good book will often be read repeatedly by readers and may be spread among many people, In this way, the same number of clicks (the form of eBook click is download) will obviously have more views than ordinary online advertising, and readers will naturally deepen their impression of advertising. Im tool marketing generally refers to achieving the purpose of marketing through instant messaging software such as QQ, MSN and Wangwang. The common methods are generally mass messaging, pop-up information using pop-up windows, or advertising embedded in tool skin

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