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Tuesday, November 2, 2021

What is the new marketing method?

What is the new marketing method?  let me answer and share the report Three answers # hot discussion # is it Li Bai's poem that the boat must return at night? Baidu netizen 64c215a4f2 On December 5, 2013, more than 65 users adopted TA's answers follow FMCG companies have created the most advanced marketing, communication and sales technologies, which have greatly promoted the progress of China's marketing. However, today in 2006, there are more and more things that we can't understand: we don't understand why sister Furong became popular, we don't understand why so many people applauded Guo Degang's crosstalk, and we don't understand why everyone is blogging all of a sudden... We even kill immortals February girls don't know what these are - but they are suddenly red and purple. Well, "super girl voice" finally has a big name like Mengniu, but everyone knows that it is the super girl voice that makes Mengniu sour milk, not the opposite. The world has been leveled by advanced information technology. The way of marketing, communication and sales in today's world has changed greatly because of the network. These changes are irreversible, which also means that we must rethink and learn marketing technology. In a "flat" world, the rules and even principles of marketing are being rewritten a lot. The first trend: the dynasty of consumers, consumers have become more knowledgeable than before, and formed communities one by one. This is very obvious in the automotive and consumer electronics industries. Consumers can easily get information about these products on the Internet and get user feedback on various websites, forums and blogs. Consumers have completely broken the previous information asymmetry with enterprises. They can not only obtain information, but also freely publish their opinions on the use of these products. This right is not different because you are in the city or countryside, in China or the United States. Consumers can easily obtain this information and make their own judgment with the help of search engines. In the network society, although "authority" still has some functions - such as the role of moderator or or opinion leader of celebrity blog - it has become increasingly weak. "Grassroots" are increasingly gaining the same democratic rights as "authority". In fact, they will really become brand manufacturers and owners in the future. Because consumers have gathered into a strong group, enterprises are only one member of this group at best. The second trend: good products do not need to be promoted. What needs to be promoted must not be good products. This is a trend that makes marketing experts feel frustrated. Conventional advertising campaigns and hype have become more and more ineffective. Good products, however, often do not need to be promoted. They will suddenly become popular through consumers' active communication. The reason for this change is the sudden reduction of communication costs. Google has not invested much advertising, but it has become one of the most commonly used search engines on the Internet, while some other search engines that advertise are far from having such a market share as Google. The characteristics of the Internet have made a qualitative change in word-of-mouth, an ancient advertising form. It breaks through the influence of geography, time and diminishing effect, turns word-of-mouth into a rapid replication, and enlarges the user experience at a geometric level. All good word of mouth comes from the consumer experience. All products that will succeed at present and in the future pay great attention to "user experience", which is not only the premise of good reputation, but also the only premise, but also what any "promotion" can't do. The third trend: the mainstream advertising media will change, but this does not represent the future. The growth rate of online advertising and focus advertising in recent years has exceeded that of TV advertising. Although it takes time to subvert this mainstream position, we can now see this trend clearly. It is only a matter of time before the network becomes the mainstream communication media. However, the problem is that we have not yet figured out what kind of online advertising is the most effective. In fact, so far, most of the online advertising creativity is mediocre, and most of the methods copy print advertising. Such an approach is exactly "raising the short and avoiding the long", forgetting that the characteristic of the network is interactivity. Unilateral advertising is certainly not the future of online advertising. Only by fully excavating the interactivity of the network and making full use of the characteristics of the network to communicate with consumers, can we develop our strengths and avoid our weaknesses, give full play to the function of online advertising and subvert the current mainstream media. This problem can only be left to future online advertising masters to solve. I believe it won't take many years. The fourth trend: any industry is an entertainment industry. It is not difficult for us to find that more and more products have been injected with entertainment elements. Or, more and more products themselves come from the entertainment industry. Mengniu yoghurt, which was very popular in 2005, is a good example. In fact, most of the famous "characters" on the Internet now meet the requirements of the entertainment public. Even in the most traditional FMCG marketing field, more and more entertainment elements are added. Road show, promotion, advertising, etc. most of the products with entertainment elements have achieved good response. Although Chen Tianqiao dissolved their brand and media center, the combination of game websites and consumer goods will certainly not disappear. On the contrary, this is exactly a trend. The entertainment industry itself is a market full of blue ocean products. When we move from food and clothing to a well-off society, and then from a well-off society to prosperity, the nature of "play" becomes more and more obvious. We have more time to relax rather than work, and we have more money to take out for entertainment rather than just filling our stomachs. The fifth trend: information technology will solve many marketing problems. Information technology has already made Wal Mart a hegemony. Almost all experts believe that opening the sales and inventory database to suppliers is the main reason for Wal Mart's dominance today. Opponents are closely following the sales information, but Wal Mart regards suppliers as partners, not enemies. Through the implementation of CPFR scheme, that is, collaboration, plan, forecast and replenishment, Wal Mart obtains timely inventory, reducing the cost of retailers, suppliers and inventory. Relying solely on the efficiency of the supply chain, Wal Mart's sales cost is five to ten percentage points less than that of most competitors. These technologies are increasingly used among manufacturers, dealers, retailers and customers. In the era without supply chain management, the problem of fleeing goods can never be solved. However, this problem will be completely solved with the improvement of supply chain management technology. As long as we reduce the cost of these software - however, I believe it will not be through software in the future. We will certainly minimize the cost through the network platform rather than software - we can make each group of data in the sales link exchange, and these data will certainly greatly improve the marketing efficiency of each link. Customer cards will also disappear, replaced by store records sent by mobile phones... As long as you like, information technology can fully control the daily work route and work content of every salesperson. The world is flat, yes, a new marketing era without barriers is coming.

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