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Saturday, January 29, 2022

1. Advertising marketing:

1. Advertising marketing: TV advertising, combining humorous or popular language and actions in the early stage of the website (the first two months) to achieve the effect of audience spiritual echo and enhance memory. Example: if there is a problem, find Baidu. In the medium term (3-5 months), the form of experience and media column cooperation will be adopted to strengthen the influence of users, and the full-function demonstration will be connected in the middle of the experience (the scheme for the medium term is that after I lack the online line for 1-2 months, it will attract the attention of the same industry, and there will be activities, so as to open up the competition with industry counterparts and achieve the role of consolidation. Note: this link should not be used in the first stage.) Later stage: improve advertising taste and carry out brand building strategy (one year after the launch). Traditional print advertising: select the low-end advertising with the highest exposure in large and medium-sized cities by publishing advertisements in various print media (newspapers, magazines, billboards, leaflets, etc.); Advertising on the front page or front page of a magazine; Appear in the form of report in the newspaper advertising position to achieve better acceptance (indirect implication of advertising components); Issuing activity leaflets to guide the experience is a low-cost marketing method, but its effectiveness is also low, because the people who accept the leaflets do not necessarily need the contents of the leaflets, and they need to go to the participants, which is lagging, but it is indeed one of the most direct ways of publicity and promotion. Other forms of advertising are slightly.

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