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Saturday, January 29, 2022

Operation method

Operation method 01 Truly understand the needs of customers: As a salesperson, we must understand the needs of customers, so that customers can get what they really want and be satisfied with your recommendation. Make targeted recommendations to customers to improve the accuracy and success rate of marketing. 02 Respect every customer: Whether you are a veteran or a novice, respecting customers is a must for every salesperson. No matter the customer is poor, high or low, when he becomes your customer, you should serve him with your heart. Establish a good relationship and guide customers Successful cooperation 。 03 Don't be careless and pay attention to the control of key links: When discussing each link with customers, we must pay attention to every small detail. Sales needs a process. From knowing customers to letting customers understand products, we should gradually master a process, especially the grasp of key problems. We must learn to deal with it. For example, when to sign orders, occasions and methods are very skilled. 04 Patiently answer the questions raised by customers: We should confirm the customer's questions in time and answer them patiently, because only when we understand the customer and confirm the mutually agreed parts with the customer can we promote the final transaction, which is also the only way for us to succeed in the sales path. 05 Consider from the standpoint of customers: When we treat our customers, we must agree more and refute less, so as to better reach an agreement and sign the bill successfully. Maximize the satisfaction of customers' needs, which will make customers more satisfied and attract more customers. 06 Be honest with customers' questions: Only when salespeople face up to their product problems can they let customers know Trust us However, now many salespeople are unwilling to be questioned by customers and try to find various reasons to excuse themselves. Even if they succeed this time, they may lose customers next time. 07 Determine the exact sales target: We should determine the exact sales target and timely sell the most suitable products to different customers according to their different needs and characteristics Customer groups , this is the key to sales. There are no inappropriate products, only inappropriate ones Suitable object

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