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Tuesday, January 11, 2022

What are the marketing methods

What are the marketing methods Discourse description of marketing follow I personally think! Now sales is not only the competition of quality and service! It is not only the competition between advertising and product appearance, but also more reflected in the role of your corporate brand and product brand! First of all, when selling products, let customers know the background of your company first! Enterprise spirit, etc From the emotional perspective to guide consumers to the spiritual level! Guide consumers with spirit! This is the highest intangible asset sold! Through the invisible to penetrate the visible! Make full use of 30 second Marketing! The real 30 second marketing does not mean that you can finish your words within 30 seconds, but that you can use 30 seconds to strive for 2, 3 or 4 30 seconds! Use the advantages of products to win over consumers! Others fight unilaterally through material, while you fight both spiritually and materially! And you have a greater advantage than them, that is, you have the opportunity to do public relations! This is a very powerful means of sales! Read more public relations books! It is the so-called life, two, two, three, three, three, three-way combination of MLM, direct sales and distribution through public relations! In the after-sales, you should innovate yourself! Find the service difference! Add Emotionalization to the service! You have to remember that! That is, in the final analysis, the current enterprise competition is the competition between one industrial chain and another industrial chain. If you do a good job in details, you can only do a good job on the surface, but what about the connotation? Customers come step by step. They are exposed to too many things, including the salesperson. The salesperson can do a lot of details and does it well, but what is the connotation of reality? How many salesmen are in place? I don't believe much. First of all, you should understand your customer's industry, market position and what his competitors are like? What is the biggest difference between your customers and their competitors? Then you are talking about what benefits your products can bring him, so that your sales will be affirmed and effective. Details are important, but no connotation is the most disgusting factor for customers. Remember 2 points: smile, be confident, and do a good job in after-sales public relations. I hope my answer can help you:)

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