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Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Network marketing generally refers to a large number and will increase with the rise of various channel platforms

Network marketing generally refers to a large number and will increase with the rise of various channel platforms. If you want to do well in network marketing, you should mainly focus on the following types of work: 1. Search engine marketing: mainly divided into SEM bidding, information flow and SEO optimization; For SEM bidding and information flow advertising, you need to understand all aspects of account construction / keywords / creativity / landing page / data indicators, as well as common problems, such as malicious clicks, you need IP shielding, the promotion effect decreases, whether there is click conversion, and so on. You need to have some experience to see the data to understand where the problem is; SEO optimization here refers to learning keyword mining and content marketing outside the station. 2. Website construction: whether it is search engine promotion or optimization, its traffic will eventually be introduced to the official website, so website construction is very important. You need to learn search engine capture principle, website structure, code optimization, keyword layout, content optimization, friendship link exchange, map optimization, data analysis, etc. 3. We media marketing: mainly study activity content planning, copywriting skills, H5, data analysis, community fission, user innovation and transformation promotion, as well as small programs and social media advertising. 4. E-commerce marketing: through train, platform rules, store design, keyword layout, baby loading and unloading time, data analysis, etc. 5. Short video marketing: platform rules, principles of internal recommendation mechanism, shooting skills, script writing, video editing, etc. If you want to do well in network marketing, you need to learn a lot and cover a wide range. In addition to the above basic knowledge, you also need to know some advanced knowledge, such as program, website prototype design, interaction design, offline activities and so on. I hope that the simple description above has a clear framework for you, and suggests that you do a certain area first and then study the battlefield thoroughly before you move to the battlefield, such as the tiktok video operation, the little red book operation or the new media operation.

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